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  1. Troutnut

    New to bonsai, got 3 hopefuls

    Hi all, I’m brand new to keeping trees. Ive accumulated a wild amount of plants this spring & have placed particular focus on my three bonsai-to-be trees. I repotted all of them into pond baskets with well-draining substrate—a mix of espoma’s bonsai soil with organic soil that I enriched with...
  2. R

    Pond baskets, Nebari, and Fast Growth

    Hello! I want to develop my trees quickly, so I have them in large pond baskets. I also want to develop the nebari but the pond baskets are deep and large so I can grow the trunk. What can I do to develop the nebari in the baskets at the same time as the trunks? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Caleb Campbell

    American Hornbeam #1 Progression, Caleb C.

    I collected this nice little hornbeam on December 29, 2020 from my woods, had pretty good surface roots and a really nice radial nebari. Washed the roots and placed it in an 11 inch pond basket. The cuts I made on the major roots are too far away from the trunk in hindsight, which will set me...
  4. cornfed

    The Four-Inch Rule: Air Pruning from Germination & Rootmaker

    As I began learning more about bonsai, I stumbled across a concept you guys are all very familiar with, but was new to me: Air-Pruning. I learned about it while researching a local tree nursery that uses "The Rootmaker System" by reading the literature on their website. Pictured below is an...
  5. milehigh_7

    Happy Accident (Solved A Strainer, Colander Problem?)

    First a quick nod to the father of the "happy accident." Thanks Bob Ross! Everyone knows I love me some strainers. I have been using them since @Vance Wood's patented work turned me on to them about 10 years ago. (Hey Vance, who knew you would pretty much change the way pre-bonsai are grown and...
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