ponderosa pine

  1. mudvein

    Baby Ponderosa

    Baby Pondo growing through basalt lava rock in Mom’s shadow. Getting strong as the season goes on. Currently about 1.5 years old. Seedling collected spring 2019.
  2. 20180902_070713.jpg


    Ponderosa Pine dead wood. Mormon Lake area AZ.
  3. FilipMerynos

    Ponderosa pine, two options

    Hello guys, and HELLO because it's my first post here :) I'd like to ask you about the way I should go with my 18yo Ponderosa. I bought it for around 47 dollars and previous didn't mean to make bonsai out of it. Anyway, I have a dilemma with branch marked as "A" on the photos. I think there are...
  4. Jeramiah

    Sharing a Ponderosa in Development

    I purchased this tree from Andy Smith last year (2017). I took it to a workshop with Bjorn in June of last year (2017) I fertilized with Sumo Cakes Acidic Blend for the rest of 2017 and so far this year. (2018) April: May: Here are a few shots of the growth. I will keep my...
  5. Yosemite Goat

    If you had 100 two yrs old ponderosas, what experiment would you do?

    Let's say you had access to 100, maybe even 200, ponderosa starts that were 2yrs old and about 9" tall? I am sure there are numerous experiments that could be done.
  6. RileyJFDB13

    Collected Saplings Advice

    Hello all, Looking for after care advice on these 4 trees, to ponderosa pines and two interior live oaks. The came fro a property close to yosemite National forrest.
  7. Chris Koehler

    Thoughts on future refinement?

    Any ideas and/or comments would be much appreciated. Thanks, Chris