portulacaria afra

  1. I

    Dwarf Jade Development

    Hello, Attached are a couple angled pictures of this P. afra specimen I picked up online. I have already structurally pruned it, but I have a hard time deciding the trunk like and when to prune. Also, how do I make the trunk line smooth from the stumps of previous cuts? Thanks!
  2. swatchpost

    Using osmocote for portulacaria afra

    Quick question: I've begun using osmocote on my p. afra and have given it a healthy dose on top of the soil. It's loving it. The instructions say it's good for up to six months of slow-release feeding. When do you all replenish the osmocote? After six months? Earlier? Thanks! Yusef
  3. I

    P. afra Newbie

    Hello Everyone! I recently obtained a little P. afra pre-bonsai from an online shop. I have attached pictures of all angles. I'm having difficulty on what to decide to do with it. I'm hoping for a nice formal upright style, but I think on of those first branches are going to have to go. Any...
  4. LeftHandLuke

    Managing Portulacaria Afra Branch Thickness

    Question about managing branch thickness on a fairly mature portulacaria afra... Let's say you have a first branch that's half an inch thick near its base, but you have a third branch that's 3/4 of an inch thick near its base. And you want that first branch to be a hearty soul, much thicker than...
  5. Bchnit1

    Brand Newbie - First attempt to Create Cascade Bonsai with 10 year old Portulacaria Afra

    Woohoo. First post. So I’ve been reading beginner books and have been all over YouTube trying to get up the nerve to just begin this project. Have all my entry tools, wiring, bonsai soil, and a pot, although it only has one drain hole. The plant has already done all the work by deciding on its...
  6. 4kSsEeX.jpeg


    Initial styling complete in January 2017.
  7. e5h1cTO.jpeg


    Starting the initial restyling in 2016.
  8. EGl7hLr.jpeg


    Purchased 12/2016.
  9. Mt Goat

    Portulacaria Afra Massacre (?)

    Hi everyone. Ive been reading bonsainut.com for awhile now, but this is my first post. I think it belongs here based on other posts. I have recently made the decision to become obsessed with develop a healthy well-adjusted hobby centered around bonsai. I have purchased this porkbush (see...
  10. J

    portulacaria afra Care tips (elephant bush)

    so questions about portulacaria afra. I was looking for indoor bonsai and had some portulacaria afra in succulent arrangements so chose that one. See photo attached. All leaves are turning black and dropping off. I am watering every 3-4 days as soil dries out and happening with both soil types...
  11. W

    Help with P. afra bonsai foliage issues

    This Portulacaria afra plant used to be way fuller, but for the last month a lot of the foliage has fallen and the tiny leaves that emerge afterwards don’t last long and/or are super thin/flat. Is this a watering or light problem? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  12. Fl_bonsai

    Portulacaria afra repot !

    So today was the day I finally got around to something I have been putting off for awhile. It was definitely time for this jade to get a decent pot . So that led me to dragon tree to pick out a pot! If Anyone Is in mid to south east Florida should know about place , Robert was extremely helpful...
  13. canoeguide

    3 humble beginnings for $5

    I found these 3 portulacaria in a single pot for $5 at Home Depot. I picked the pot that had the thickest trunks. It may not be the best time of year (going into winter) but after a couple of weeks, I got the itch to separate them and repot. These can stay outside in indirect light for a...
  14. P

    Portulacaria afra - deadwood & pot boundedness

    Hi, I've recently bought a Portulacaria Afra from a nursery store. I am a little concerned about 2 things and I would appreciate your help/advice on them: ================ 1st question ================ The nebari was heavily overgrown with moss due to just being in a greenhouse. So at the...
  15. cdefoe

    starting a portulacaria afra. check out my portulacaria afra

    i picked up a portulacaria afra from a local nursery and got it into a bonsai pot. check out my portulacaria afra thanks for checking out my portulacaria afra, y'all
  16. PeaceLoveBonsai

    Portulacaria Afra Progression

    Inspired by @Gustavo Martins post on his P Afra, I thought I would share a progression of one of mine. There is some debate as to whether these are considered Bonsai. But for me, they are great way to learn because they respond to bonsai techniques and are very hardy. After 3 years, I’ve...
  17. lunareye

    Need some guidance on styling (dwarf jade)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Bonsai and I definitely really appreciate all these useful information in this forum to affirm my decision to dive into bonsai world finally. I dug out a dwarf jade (Portulacaria Afra) from my backyard as my first try because I've heard this should be a relatively easy...
  18. C

    Bonsai Fever

    Hello, I have caught the bonsai fever. I just pruned my first portulacaria Afra. I’m debating on making it a single trunk. I included two pics. Looking forward to the feedback. Thank you, CH
  19. Castanea

    Soil mix and root development - newbie

    Hi all, I have a dwarf jade, it is my first succulent. I picked it up in December, and its above ground portion has been growing steadily ever since, despite the winter slow down. However, today I accidentally knocked its pot and spilled out most of its soil. I noticed looking inside the pot...
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