portulacaria afra

  1. slokra

    starting a portulacaria afra. check out my portulacaria afra

    i picked up a portulacaria afra from a local nursery and got it into a bonsai pot. check out my portulacaria afra thanks for checking out my portulacaria afra, y'all
  2. Gdy2000

    Portulacaria Afra Progression

    Inspired by @Gustavo Martins post on his P Afra, I thought I would share a progression of one of mine. There is some debate as to whether these are considered Bonsai. But for me, they are great way to learn because they respond to bonsai techniques and are very hardy. After 3 years, I’ve...
  3. lunareye

    Need some guidance on styling (dwarf jade)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Bonsai and I definitely really appreciate all these useful information in this forum to affirm my decision to dive into bonsai world finally. I dug out a dwarf jade (Portulacaria Afra) from my backyard as my first try because I've heard this should be a relatively easy...
  4. C

    Bonsai Fever

    Hello, I have caught the bonsai fever. I just pruned my first portulacaria Afra. I’m debating on making it a single trunk. I included two pics. Looking forward to the feedback. Thank you, CH
  5. Castanea

    Soil mix and root development - newbie

    Hi all, I have a dwarf jade, it is my first succulent. I picked it up in December, and its above ground portion has been growing steadily ever since, despite the winter slow down. However, today I accidentally knocked its pot and spilled out most of its soil. I noticed looking inside the pot...