1. I

    Yellow Jade

    2 things, 1st order of business, this… And then to the next, I’m at my wit’s end with this tree, I give it all the sunlight it can get. Sun rises over the house’s roof between 8 and 9, and sets behind the opposite building just before 4. I still get so much sunlight that I had to move my...
  2. AnutterBonsai

    P. Afra from small cutting

    Really proud on the progression on this one. It is the first one i had on this species. Careful styling on my P. Afra — started from a tiny cutting 8 months ago that had only two leaves, with careful TLC, have managed to get to this stage! They thrive in our hot sunny summer weather. Highly...
  3. N

    Portulacaria Afra - Nursery Repotting

    Hi everybody. I'm Paolo from Italy. I'm pretty new to the bonsai world and a couple of months ago a started collecting some small Portulacarias (those already in bonsai pots usually sold for 15 euro in garden shops). Yesterday I was visiting a Bonsai shop in order to buy materials for my soil...
  4. Fl_bonsai

    Portulacaria afra repot !

    So today was the day I finally got around to something I have been putting off for awhile. It was definitely time for this jade to get a decent pot . So that led me to dragon tree to pick out a pot! If Anyone Is in mid to south east Florida should know about place , Robert was extremely helpful...
  5. canoeguide

    3 humble beginnings for $5

    I found these 3 portulacaria in a single pot for $5 at Home Depot. I picked the pot that had the thickest trunks. It may not be the best time of year (going into winter) but after a couple of weeks, I got the itch to separate them and repot. These can stay outside in indirect light for a...
  6. philart

    Indoor Bonsai

    Have any or you read Brooklyn Botanic Garden's book "Indoor Bonsai", published 2002? I'm curious the thoughts of the membership here and experiences of people growing indoors, especially those growing year round. I read the book about a year ago via my local library, then recently picked up...
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