pot auction

  1. mwar15

    Shohin pot auction

    Shohin rectangle 5x3.5x1.5” inside dimensions. The blue glaze did crawl a little over the grey. Start is $40 no reserve. Buyer pays shipping. Auction ends 1/18/23 at noon PST
  2. mwar15

    Rectangle pot auction, pick the glaze

    13”x7x1.5” this will shrink a little bit more after firing. Winner picks the glaze. This is the last one for a while, thanks for all the bids. I love this pot, I wanted to keep it for a shohin trident forest, but want to be fair to the people who voted for a rectangle pot in my poll. Start $1...
  3. mwar15

    Pot auction winner picks the glaze

    How this will work. High bidder wins the pot and picks a glaze/color(s) they want. The caveat is, I don’t have and endless color wheel. Reach out, look through some links for colors I have done. Currently the pot is 13x9x2”, it will shrink less than 10% from firing. Ask questions if you have...
  4. mwar15

    Pick a Custom pot for auction

    I haven’t done a pick your glaze auction in a while. I’ll start making pots next week. I figured I would open it up to a poll. Pick the rough size, shape and design by poll. Then I’ll make the pot and the auction winner picks a glaze. Here are some of the pots LINK
  5. mwar15

    Custom pot auction. You pick the glaze!

    All right this is a test pot as with any custom pot it’s not perfect. What I’m gonna do is fire it and then whoever wants to be the high bidder will choose the glaze. With that caveat it may not be perfect but I’ll work with that person. Ask questions if needed. I will donate a percentage into...
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