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  1. woodkraftbonsai

    Firing Schedule - Especially for Large Pots

    Morning all, I have been focusing on making larger (20"+) pots and was curious what firing schedules you all use? I'm limited by the fact that I have to fire in a studio kiln, but have some control over what the firing schedule can look like. Any other tips and tricks for large pots would be...
  2. mwar15

    Pick a Custom pot for auction

    I haven’t done a pick your glaze auction in a while. I’ll start making pots next week. I figured I would open it up to a poll. Pick the rough size, shape and design by poll. Then I’ll make the pot and the auction winner picks a glaze. Here are some of the pots LINK
  3. R051 f.JPG

    R051 f.JPG

  4. Pitoon

    Mame pots on a mini pottery wheel

    A couple months ago while looking for something on Amazon, I came across this mini pottery wheel. Despite the reviews of it being under powered I thought it could be usable to make mame pots. So yesterday I finally had some free time to really try it out. At the end of my testing of...
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