pots for sale

  1. mwar15

    2 slab pots for sale

    These two pots didn’t sell at the local nursery. So I’ll open it up here for offers. You won’t insult me. $15 shipping on the buyer. If no one wants them they will head to our club auction Tuesday. The tan one is unglazed and did get chipped on the end. I just hosed them off so they are wet in...
  2. mwar15

    Pots for sale

    5 pots for sale. I figured I would give the non FB people a chance. Not sure the market but I imagine they are in the $10-20 price range? The red rectangle is from Japan. I would trade for a stewartia of some sort I will sell a a whole or each. Buyer pay shipping I like usps flat rate. If...
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