1. Apex37

    Nick Lenz Pot - Early Work

    I was really sad to hear of Nick's passing a few days ago. He was a huge corner stone in the bonsai community and ironically his works were some the first that introduced me into bonsai. His artistry was just top notch and his work always made me think in ways other bonsai haven't. His pottery...
  2. parhamr

    Pots by Nao Tokutake: photo thread (in use!)

    Like other photo thread rules: don’t make a post in here unless it has a photo! Except, it has to be a pot you own, by Nao Tokutake, and it has to be in use. I’d love to see what y’all have! I’ll start: This is a Red Huckleberry in a modest lil pot by Nao. I think I bought it from him in late...
  3. parhamr

    Pots by Ashley Keller: photo thread (in use!)

    Like other photo thread rules: don’t make a post in here unless it has a photo! Except, it has to be a pot you own, by Ashley Keller, and it has to be in use. I’ll start:
  4. parhamr

    Pots by Vicki Chamberlain: photo thread (in use!)

    Like other photo thread rules: don’t make a post in here unless it has a photo! Except, it has to be a pot you own, by Vicki Chamberlain, and it has to be in use! (Like with a plant in it… don’t get wise, funny guy) I’ll start:
  5. parhamr

    “The Oregon Hole”

    This technique isn’t novel and I don’t know where it originated, but I’ve had a chuckle over the name “The Oregon Hole.” It’s stormy this week so I’ve been hiding under my carport and listening to podcasts and music while monitoring the drill. Here’s what I wrote up to explain the process to...
  6. L

    Some questions regarding quality and unconventional shapes

    Hi all, I've been practicing making planters in my little pottery studio and I'm a little bit obsessed with forms that almost look like they could be naturally formed. Here is some examples of what I've made: I wanted to ask all you bonsai professionals, what determines quality for you in...
  7. syon_r

    Drilling Extra Drainage Holes in Pot

    I just received this awesome Thor Holvila bonsai pot in the mail, but it only has one tiny drainage hole. I don’t have pictures yet, but you can see the hole in the second to last picture here: http://thorholvila.tictail.com/product/palm-size-1708-13-xxx. It would offer barely any drainage and I...
  8. ohiogrown

    Question for pot makers

    Hello, I put ceramic tile down for a living and a lot of time there are extra or some scrap pieces. I been thinking about getting into pot making and was wondering if it would be possible for me to integrate these extra pieces in the pot making process? I think I could make some really cool...
  9. Ashley Keller

    Mermaid pot and new August pots

    Below are a few of my favourite new pots available for August. Shop my full online store catalogue here https://www.ashleykeller.work/ Cascade Mermaid 3.5" Hand Carved Specialty Bonsai Pot https://www.ashleykeller.work/specialty-bonsai-pots/ Dark Forest Moss 2.75 x 3.75" Cascade Bonsai Pot...
  10. Roy Minarai

    Some new stuff

    Been a while since I posted, thought I'd post some new pots that came out of the kiln recently. Contrary to what some would have people believe, the construction quality, thickness of walls (which isn't really an issue for me, I slab build everything and my slab roller is pretty precise ) and...
  11. Grant Hamby

    Round vs Oval

    (Squares/Rectangles will be excluded for simplicity) When I first became interested in bonsai, I looked at a lot of photos. Because of the angle of the photos and my newbiness, I originally assumed the pots were round. I now know that most of the pots I saw were ovals. I would think that with...
  12. ColinFraser

    A Little Pot Shopping

    I recently had the opportunity to rummage through a whole bunch of inexpensive Chinese imports and stock up on pots at a very reasonable price. I think I may have gotten a little carried away ;) This is what ended up in the back of my car: Actually, I really do need a bunch of inexpensive...
  13. My stand at 2009 'Joy of Bonsai' show

    My stand at 2009 'Joy of Bonsai' show

    Here is my display from KAWA'S J.O.B. taken this January. Quite a few pots and trees fit into such a small space! It was a great mini-convention up in Bunnell, Florida.
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