1. JBP_85

    Nursery Pots, Anderson Flats, Grow Bags, or Collanders

    Hi Everyone, I've been looking around at options for repotting my seedlings/tiny trees (Tridents, Dawn Redwood, & Bald Cypress) in the spring. I have a plan for RoR for one or two of my Tridents and more traditional informal upright styling for my other trees. It has been suggested...
  2. Crizzi Questions

    Should I dig it up and pot it?

    So I have this pine in my yard. It’s on the side of my house and I will be moving before next winter. Now that I’m into bonsai and looking to acquire trees I’m dying to try to dig this up! While I’m new to bonsai I see potential here. Questions.... What kind of pine is this? How wide should...
  3. R

    First Willow, How to Pot and With What Soil?

    Hi everyone, this is the first time I've posted here. I recently bought a dwarf blue leaf arctic willow. I know willows require a lot of water compared to many plants. Can I take this need into consideration by using soil that has a very high water retention or is that not enough? I am waiting...
  4. whomever

    substrate for all

    If substrate has suppieor draning to potting soil, than why not use substrate in flour beds and raised gardens instead of potting soil?
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