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  1. A

    Where to buy good Pre Bonsai in Europe?

    So, basically I am feeling much better in my abilities and now I would like to try to use better quality material. Only looking for better material with better trunks and cared for better etc than typical nursery stock, not interested in yamadori...yet (however would like to learn how to...
  2. Faisal Ahmad

    Pre Bonsai Water Jasmine | Chokan Style

    This is Water Jasmine tree, I bought it in Jan 2022. I planning using chokan style (formal upright) this picture taken from Jan 2022 This progress that tree in 25 Aug 2023 still a long journey. my target :
  3. cybergandalf

    Kishu Beginnings

    I know this is probably the most common post on here, but I've been looking at this Kishu for a few weeks and I'm not quite sure where to go. Pretty sure I "cleaned" too much out of the middle. I know I need to wire the whips, but there are too many "main branches". I also know some have to go...
  4. J

    Root System of Brussel’s Chinese Elm

    I’m new to bonsai (first year). I ordered a couple of Chinese elm pre-bonsai from Brussel’s awhile back. I could feel something hard in the middle of the planter, but figured it was some growing medium or planter feature. Awhile back, I pulled out one of them, and the trunk basically went into...
  5. Sticks 'n' Triangles

    Sticks 'n' Triangles' 2023-2026 ROR - Crataegus (Hawthorn)

    Picked up some cheap hedging hawthorn last year, noticed this one had some interesting roots, intended to make an exposed or ROR this year, so great timing for this contest! << Chose the porous volcanic rock that the tree fit best on. And not bad colour IMO Can't really see in these photos, but...
  6. electraus

    Does this bougie have any sort of potential?

    In my endeavor to get better at selecting more mature ‘pre-bonsai’ material, I ran into this bougie stump going for $135. My main obstacle with selecting pre bonsai stock is that I can tell when something looks good and when it doesn’t, but I’m not sure why. This one seems like nothing special...
  7. electraus

    Good source for tropicals?

    Are there any reputable sources for more developed tropical pre-bonsai? I know there’s Wigert’s but I’m specifically looking for a bougainvillea and they don’t have one on their website at the moment. I don’t think there are any bonsai nurseries that even sell tropicals within driving distance...
  8. nekobes

    Purchasing a redwood/young redwood care

    Hi all, I'm quite new to this hobby and would like any advice or input anybody is willing to give me. In fact, as of now, I haven't styled, nor do I yet plan to style, any trees. For the time being, I'm only interested in growing young saplings to raise in the coming years, while reading up on...
  9. F

    Can I get you to focus on this Ficus?

    Hello all, I recently picked up this Ficus from a big box store. Traditionally I'm not a fan of the ginseng variety but when I seen this one my impulses got the best of me. Normally I have the good fortune of not being a very impulsive person but we all have our days. It was going cost me next...
  10. S

    First steps to turn this maple into a bonsai

    Planning to make this shohin size but open to suggestions, i have never made a bonsai from pre-bonsai like this and i am curious as what you guys would do such as the first steps and ideas for shaping/wiring.
  11. W

    Pre-Bonsai Trunk Thickening advice - Prune lower whips?

    I have a very juvenile pre-bonsai which in the past year has shot out a couple whips at the base of the trunk. I'm wondering if I should prune off the lower whips. My thought process is that since they're so low, they will only suck energy and thickness away from the main leader. I am...
  12. Baker

    Hinoki Cypress styling advice

    Hello all! I’ve only posted here once (asking for hinoki advice) but I spend many hours here reading. Since my first post I have fallen ever deeper into my bonsai addiction. Let’s just say both my porches are full of trees. Anyway, I have got a few Hinoki Cypresses and one sawara cypress, so I...
  13. Apex37

    Maple Have Potential?

    Came across this guy on eBay for about $150. I thought branching, nebari, and all look to be there, just wanted other's opinions if it's worth the price. Obviously would require a lot of work as this isn't necessarily a bonsai, but I see potential. Thoughts?
  14. J

    Bonsai Material Acquired... What Now?

    Hey guys! I stopped by Lowe's today to ravage the houseplant section, but found my way to the garden center and snagged these beauties for $3 each! I'm so new to bonsai that my plan was to stick with "pre-made", but the more I learn about the hobby, the more I'm itching to work a tree myself...
  15. 20190522_165841.jpg


    Same hackberry, different view.
  16. RobT1977


    This Celtis Occidentalis( hackberry) i had in my back yard was near six feet last spring, i trunk chopped it about 18" ...fertilized it early spring this year, and i think im gonna have a pretty cool tree to work with. I dont know if its truly Yamadori since i found it in my yard, but its close...
  17. JimmyBeefshank

    Shakin' the bush Boss! Just shakin' the Bush!

    I've learned a few neat tricks over the years. A few real gems too, but I think you folks might appreciate a thread dedicated to one of my favorites. Somehow I successfully managed to convince a bunch of people that they should pay me handsomely to expand and maintain their gardenscapes. A sweet...
  18. Crizzi Questions

    Should I dig it up and pot it?

    So I have this pine in my yard. It’s on the side of my house and I will be moving before next winter. Now that I’m into bonsai and looking to acquire trees I’m dying to try to dig this up! While I’m new to bonsai I see potential here. Questions.... What kind of pine is this? How wide should...
  19. H

    Three Bald Cypress I picked up this spring

    Purchased at a nursery. Trunk chopped, and potted in mixing tub. The BC in the first picture, I cut about 100% of the roots off. I really thought it wouldn't survive. All seem to be doing well. Angled the chops and selected keeper branches. These are my first attempt with Bald Cypress.
  20. Grant Hamby

    Streamlining My Collection

    I'm going to try and sell a few of my projects to make some bench space so I can narrow my focus on more developed trees. Don't expect any show-stoppers, but I'll try to make the prices enticing enough. I may even sell some of my nicer pots. If I don't have any takers on here, I might try the...
  21. Mihai

    European beech yamadori

    Hello guys! I'm pretty new to this forum and today I just got my first yamadori. It's european beech. Just brought it home and put it in a pot with soil from the site it was found. I'm not certain how to proceed. Should I cut back the roots and change the soil and pot to a bonsai soil and a...
  22. António Caiado

    Pinus mugo pre bonsai

    I am a Portuguese newbie in the bonsai world. This is my new Pinus mugo pre bonsai. Any possible suggestions for where I should go from here would be most appreciated. Thank you all. António Caiado
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