1. B

    Trees new to my climate!

    Hello everyone! I have new trees coming in to New York City from California. Specifically a Premna and Viet Bluebell. As it is now winter, I’m worried on how the trees will react to its new climate. I have been reading and have seen people say to bring them inside as they will not stand temps...
  2. TomRVA

    Musk Maple Dropping Leaves

    Hey guys- So I acquired this/ these musk maples at an estate sale auction earlier on this year. It’s been doing fine and looking healthy, but a decent amount leaves haves started to turn yellow/ pale and fall off over the past week or so. I know we are getting to the end of the growing...
  3. Trigobontree

    I think I’m Bonsaing wrong, but it feels so “right”

    Hello everyone! I know that one of the biggest beginner mistakes is over styling trees. So I haven’t styled too much yet, but from what I have done, I don’t think I’m doing it the “correct” way. But I’m ok with that. I’m trying to follow the rules, but for the most part I’m just trimming and...
  4. IIppon

    Need help on this Premna repotted!

    Hello everyone, I’ve seen many topics of this kind from beginners after having repotted their trees. Here’s my premna, was in a huge pot, just repotted in a smaller pot, I trimmed a huge root pad, and few big roots I think I removed at least 50% which seems to be ok for this specie as they are...
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