procumbens nana

  1. Juniper Procumbens - Cascade Style

    Juniper Procumbens - Cascade Style

    One of my cascade junipers that I restyled to my liking.
  2. Hartinez

    Humble little Nana

    Really though. I feel like Procumbens Nana is that ubiquitous species in bonsai that is always just there. I imagine a lot of practitioners have them but don’t always put them up as a top tree. I’m probably generalizing. Though I do feel this little nana of mine is a quiet staple of my...
  3. rollwithak

    Juniper Procumbens Nana - Pruning Advice

    To Whom Wishes to Advise: I am going to do a little bit of trimming on this lil guy and was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction as far as what I should be looking for while I thin this guy out? I just want to take a little bit off as it’s gotten quite bushy this growing...
  4. P

    PeriwinkleBlueTick's "this is not a contest" - 3 Nana's

    So I've been really hesitant to do any cutting on the mugo I purchased a few weeks ago, so I decided I would join in the fun and submit a trio of Nana's that I bought Saturday. Two of the three have similar shaping and the third will probably be a semi-cascade unless I can be convinced...
  5. aframe

    Old Juniper Procumbens"Nana" Progression

    April 2015 - Poor health, root bound. Basically it looked like one of those trees you get at the mall.
  6. aframe


    Before - June 2016 Root bound, chlorosis in foliage. Long, thick primary branching, poor secondary branching. foliage masses far from trunk.
  7. KennedyMarx

    Procumbens juniper sharing megathread

    For those of us that have procumbens (nana) junipers, why don't we all share some pics? I've seen a bunch in the forums, but I thought it would be helpful to have a thread to share info and pics with each other. I recently picked up a couple Green Mound junipers. I thought they were just a...
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