1. K

    Growth rate many airlayers vs single plant

    Hey guys, Lately I've been quite obsessed🥴 with propagating japanese maple cultivars via air layers and being as efficient as possible at it, i.e. maximizing growth/gains. I keep wondering whether having many smaller plants of the same cultivar produces a generally higher amount of accumulated...
  2. KleinM

    Chinese Elm Root cutting

    Hi guys! I've only been doing Bonsai for a year and have never done something like this before. I planted a root cutting from my Chinese Elm when I potted it into a bonsai pot this December. Now it has a little branch and a couple of leaves! 😁 My question is, do I plant the whole root into...
  3. B

    Should I propagate my Jacaranda?

    Small Bonsai that I grew from seed. It's about 3 years old now. However, I've just been watering it and not maintaining it so it's grown taller than I'd like it to be. I've been thinking of cutting it in half and propagating the top off to another pot. Don't know if this is a good idea since the...
  4. Fishtank307

    Elm bonsai from last years cuttings

    I have +- 20 elm cuttings (Ulmus minor) from last year, that just started to push new growth. They're all from this parent tree: Here are most of the cuttings: I took them in May 2019 and potted them in perlite, mixed with some sand. (No particular reason for this mix, I just had it laying...
  5. MattE

    Tigerbark ficus ( progress thread )

    Well grabbed the courage to propagate my ginseng ficus. I see such a nice future bonsai in this. I put it in a 40 percent organic and 60 percent bonsai mix. Rocks on top are just to hold it in place better. I did about a 50 to 60 percent defoliation. Everything I read says if it has no roots it...
  6. petegreg

    11th Floor Separatists

    Sorry for a title, but it's how it is. I'll start with my oldest Chinese elm. Mallsai... couldn't find a way to use this ugly trunk. So went ahead and did this this spring. Last week these were ready to be separated. I love manual works! ... checking roots and potting. And this is what...
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