1. B

    How to prune jacaranda?

    New to bonsai. Grew this jacaranda mimosofolia from seed. It's over 2 years now and growing fine but I'm not sure how to give it that bonsai look and how to prune it correctly. Any advice is sincerely appreciated. Thank you, Alan
  2. BenBSeattle

    Very cool video of Pine Pruning at Jizo Temple

    Just sharing this amazing pine pruning video at Jizo temple.
  3. JustinP

    Leggy Ficus

    Greetings y’all. I’ve been muddling through this bonsai hobby for a number of years, and I’ve got a question about this ficus microcarpa. I’ve had it for fifteen years or so, slowly working on a banyan style and as you can see, it’s way too leggy. I want to prune it waaay back, but am frankly...
  4. KP45

    Ficus- Any advice for a beginner?

    Hi, so I've owned this tree for about five years now, and I think it's about ten years old (said it was a 5 year old bonsai on the tag when purchased). At first it was just a nice little addition for the kitchen windowsill- but I've grown attached to it and would like to be able to shape it and...
  5. G

    Next spring; Repot & Hard Prune?

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the site and to the world of bonsai. Although I have been reading and trying to learn like a maniac! I received a chinese elm a few days ago and I've been focused on geting it acclimated and getting used to the watering routine. The tree came in a really heavy...
  6. K

    Pruning new nursery stock

    Hello all, I just bought some new nursery stock the other night. Came home with a Blue Star Juniper, Sabina Juniper and a Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. I'll be reading up on these species and figuring out their proper care, but one thing i would like to do is thin them out a bit just so i can get a...
  7. ManSkirtBrew

    Shimpaku juniper newbie styling and pruning advice

    Just picked up this fella from Rosade bonsai nursery this weekend (happy birthday to me!). I'm still *very* new to junipers, so I'm trying to absorb all the advice I can. I made a little spinaround video so you can see the whole tree. This is currently the front of the tree: I kind of feel...
  8. Clicio

    Akamatsu - JRP apex prune or wire?

    I have this healthy Japanese Red Pine cascade, but I don't quite like the way the apex outgrew the botton. Asked some people around, and some say I should chop it to the lowest pair of candles, but.. others say I should not lose all this growth and wire the apex branch (bend the hell out of it)...
  9. baron

    Malus Domestica advice

    Hi, I bought this Crab a few weeks ago at Noelanders, but in all honesty I have not worked with crabapple's before... I'm kinda of clueless here on how to progress with this tree or come up with a working plan for it. I did repot it about a week ago into a slightly larger pot because it was...
  10. WesternGrower

    Blue Spruce New Growth

    So I have a blue spruce I am attempting to turn into a bonsai, and it currently has its first flush of new growth. I have read that I should be pinching off this new growth, and others say to leave it be. I have attached some picture of it, the new growth is about an inch and a half long now...
  11. molivella

    To Cut Or Not To Cut....

    I found this bougainvillea yesterday at a nursery, tucked away under a bench and hidden from view behind several plants. It’s now in a 10” pot and as can be seen the trunk is 8” at the base. In time, with patience, pruning, etc. I hope to develop a triangular shaped canopy over the main trunk...
  12. molivella

    Should I Lop Off The Long Branch????

    I was able to pick this bougainvillea up yesterday. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find it tucked away at a nursery under a bench, buried behind several trees. It’s now in a 10” pot and as can be seen the trunk is a massive 8” at the base. In time, with patience, pruning, etc. I hope to...
  13. Rambles

    Witch hazel pruning(Hamamelis intermedia)

    How hard can you prune these guys? I recently was gifted with one. "Jenna" I'm guessing from the flowers. 3 inch caliper trunk, very open shape, with all the buds out on the ends of the current branches. I have seen these styled and really like the look (yeah, I know leaves don't reduce for...
  14. G

    Out of my element...Trident Maple

    So my brother-in-law gave me this bonsai because he claimed it was too far gone to fix. I KNOW it isn't but I also know that I don't know how to fix it. I figured this was the best place to ask since I have absolutely zero experience in this stuff. Three questions for the experts: 1. Is it a...
  15. Nadkid

    Advice for pruning dwarf Hinoki Cypress

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, though I expect to be much more active with the amount of questions I'm sure to have. Anyway, this is my first Bonsai, purchased from a seller for a clean $15. He said it was a "California Golden Cypress", though I think that may just be a misnomer...
  16. E

    New Here, Questions about a Juniper

    I'm new to bonsai and new to this site. I've been purchasing nursery stock plants as pre-bonsai locally but have been having a hard time finding anything suitable or of significant enough size to do anything with. I'm being patient and trying to grow out some of these plants. Recently I found...
  17. MaxTheSpy

    Rhod Pemakoense slimy

    Hey, everyone, I'm a little worried about my little bonsai, I took it to the local plant nursery and talked to the bonsai guy there and had him help me prune it so it wouldn't die and to get his idea on a few things. After that I put it back in the pot with some more potting soil, to give it...
  18. Stacey


    I got my first bonsai tree about three weeks ago. I don't think it was well taken care of before so I wanted to make sure I am doing things right. There are small blemishes on many of the leaves. I read that is due to lack of water but I wanted to confirm that is true. In regards to pruning, do...
  19. BeebsBonsai

    Shimpaku Juniper- Live Vein Cleaning and What to do with Leaders?

    Hello all, I have a Shimpaku Juniper (Pics above) that I acquired from a local Bonsai nursery in January. I repotted it in late winter and it has responded with very vigorous growth (The leaders you see extending have grown 2 inches since March). I have a few questions with this tree...
  20. M

    Juniper Bonsai

    Hello! I am new to Bonsai, and i just bought this juniper! It came with this pot, and i know i have to re pot it because of the sticking-out baby roots. After that, i'll wait a month to fertilize it with 10:10:10 solution because of the summer coming. It is about 3 years old, do you guys...
  21. M

    Live oak bonsai

    During fall-winter 2016 I collected roughly 100-150 live oak acorns from a friends property located a short drive from the sierra national forest. I have been unable to determine the exact species of oak but so far the closest match is the Coast Live oak. Leaves have sharp pointed tips and the...
  22. ConorDash

    General Chinese Elm Styling

    Hello, Having done some pruning of 3 chinese elms this weekend, there are a few things that come up and I wanted to ask about. Its 1 thing to have read a lot about pruning, styling, etc etc, but its another to do it yourself and I find myself not knowing which to keep and prune. For starters...
  23. ConorDash

    Training/Grow Pots

    Hello, I am currently looking to pots, which won't look good, just for training and allowing a tree to grow whilst doing some work on it, such as chop and grow or getting it back to health. I feel that the root work, to fit it in to a nice bonsai pot can come after all of that. I found mostly...
  24. Lauren Shisler

    long legged beauty.

    Or.. not so much ;) haha I've been looking around the web for a few weeks researching the how's and what's of my jade I got last summer. It wasn't happy in the room with a western window, and dropped quite a few of its leaves. And the remaining ones were starting to go soft. So, I moved it to...
  25. ajm55555

    Tips on improving the overall shape of a Prunus Incisa

    I'd like your thoughts and tips on how to improve the general shape of this young tree. What would you cut, leave grow, shorten, etc... Thank you! :-)
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