1. hemmy

    Pruning in the heat, leaves are swamp coolers?

    During stretches of 100F+ summer heat, is there pruning work that could be done on juniper, deciduous, and broadleaf evergreens? Obviously in some places, those temps are just called “summer” and I guess the work must go on. Although stressing the tree through wound healing or foliage mass...
  2. C

    New to growing new bonsai with Chinese Elm

    I’m new to bonsai’s but I started last year with sprouting Chinese Elm. It’s a wonderful tree, and loves the kitchen atrium where it faces south. I repotted in the Spring, and did a little bit of pruning because it outgrew the pot. But then I read afterwards that I should not have repotted or...
  3. Tntthunder

    How to prune my Taxis media?

    Basically I have a nursery stock yew I worked on at the end of May in a workshop and we created deadwood and cut maybe 70% foliage off. Since then it seems to have grown really healthy (I think, this is my first yew). I want to encourage the lower growth, especially the buds lower on the trunk...
  4. mopifish

    Creeping Juniper - First Bonsai Progression

    HI everyone! I just got my first bonsai today (a creeping juniper from my local nursery), and with some wonderful advice from @pandacular pruned it into a shape. Since this is my first ever Bonsai, I thought it'd be fun to start a progression thread This was the initial Juniper, which I had...
  5. mopifish

    When can I start structuring my bonsai?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and bonsai as a whole. I just bought a creeping juniper (juniperus horizontalis) from my local nursery with some help from the nursery's bonsai enthusiast. I already pinched off all of the dead and brittle leaves/branches, as well as snipped a few tiny branches...
  6. Baku1875

    Baku's consolidated bucida spinosas/molinetti thread

    Consolidating all of my bucida spinosa/terminalia molinetti tree progressions and work into a single thread to keep things less spammy. I appreciate and welcome any constructive criticism, questions, suggestions. The poll is for the first tree. This is my 2nd biggest one, has kind of a long...
  7. L

    Has my bonsai "expert" neighbor just given my ginseng ficus a death sentence??

    Hello I'm fairly un experienced with ficus but I've had these to for a while and for the most part they've done great but the past couple months I've noticed that while one has continued to grow just fine but the other there's been literally zero amount of new growth and I've not changed there...
  8. W

    Intentional or random growth??

    Hello I have been wondering about this weirdly long and vertical branch at the end of one of the lower pads on my Chinese elm, but since its been there since way before I bought the tree I hadn't cut it, since I thought there must be a reason for it being there. Should I just cut this branch...
  9. DaManley

    Thoughts on repotting and pruning

    Hey everyone! Hopefully this is an appropriate thread to post my questions in. So I have two common beginner trees, Ficus Benjamina (Midnight, from what the person I bought it from told me) and a Chinese Elm. I am curious on people's thought of the current soil in each of them and on pruning...
  10. R

    Ficus microcarpa maintenance tips

    So I've recently acquired this ficus microcarpa. I really like it's current form but I want to thicken the trunk a bit more as well as develop the aerial roots more(maybe make them a bit more thick as well).I'm looking for detailed pinching, pruning, maintenance tips for this one. All advices...
  11. J

    BRT advice needed

    This is my first bonsai, I’ve had it for 1 yr. We’ve had some ups and downs, but I’ve managed to keep it alive and learned a lot along the way. 1 month ago I slip-potted here (it’s not actually that deep, there are a lot of rocks in the bottom), but did not do any pruning. It’s March in Austin...
  12. M

    Pot size and when to prune for ficus seedlings

    Hello everyone, I'm very new to bonsai and I am growing 2 ficus benghalensis and 1 ficus religiosa trees from seed that I would like to eventually bonsai. I have been trying my best to read articles and watch videos on this, but still confused about pot sizes. I planted these on Nov 10, 2022...
  13. H

    Olive Pruning Advice

    This is a young olive I grew from seed (yes, seed). I think it's like 4-5 years old. The trunk is a bit discolored, not sure why. Not sure if that renders it ugly for life. I recently pruned it and it's growing new leaves, but the pruning clearly hurt it, as there are some dead/dying leaves near...
  14. SmallTreeGuy

    Elm collection. Root pruning necessary a few seasons ahead?

    Hello, all! On Thanksgiving day at my parents’ place we went for a walk through their woods and I saw this curved elm amidst the forest of straight trunks. I love the sweeping curve so I am considering it for collection. Now onto the questions lol. Should I root prune some and wait a couple...
  15. J

    First Real Bonsai Project, Need Guidance

    Hello all, I'm new to bonsai, be gentle! To start, the tree in question has the name " Juniperus chinensis 'Daub's Frosted' " and I live near Eugene, Oregon in zone 8b. This is the first tree I've started working on in an effort to learn how to bonsai so even if I don't get it to survive this...
  16. Apex37

    Caleb’s Tree Thread Progression

    I feel like most of my posts are questions on issues with my trees. It’s been a rough year between having an incredibly hot summer, watering issues, pest issues, etc. I thought I’d make a thread and continue updating trees that I’ve been working on that are actually doing well. Lol
  17. SmallTreeGuy

    Branch selection/long shoots

    Hello all, I’m new to Bonsai Nut so please go easy on me. Lol I live in Texas (Dallas zone 8a). Weather has just started to cool down just a bit from the scorching summer heat/drought that we’ve had. Anyways, I bought this Parson’s juniper about a month ago at a local nursery and have...
  18. O

    Pruning a new Procumbens Nana Juniper in early fall?

    I just brought home a garden juniper from my local garden center. For context, I live in hardiness zone 4b (according to both Canadian and USDA hardiness methods). I've asked in a few different forums and researched my own but I'm getting conflicting answers on whether or not I can prune away...
  19. A

    Pomegranate pruning advice

    Hello Nuts! Wanted to ask about this one. It's a pomegranate I got from an old man last summer, it came in clay and now it's established and growing. It looks like a slingshot, and has 3 heavy branches from the same spot creating swell. My question: Is there any alternative to cutting the...
  20. Apex37

    Texas Cedar Elm #1

    I picked this up from a workshop for $45. Thought it was a decent deal. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to work on the tree and so I’m working on my first trimming. There’s a couple shoots I’m not sure what to do with. Here’s the front: The first branch in question...
  21. p_anova

    Cryptomeria "Black Dragon" Pruning

    Hey Nonsai Buts, Trying to figure out how you handle foliage/pruning on this guy. Didn't see much info on it. I repotted early spring from nursery soil and just let the tree go. I left the foliage on top to help with recovery but plan to reduce height next year, possibly jin etc. When and...
  22. Ferg91

    Pruning Weeping Willow

    Semi new to bonsai <4 months. I've been able to read through forms to find what I need for the most part however I cannot find much when it comes to when/where/how to prune. First I would like advise on how to prune back Weeping willow bonsai that started with cuttings. All videos I find about...
  23. S

    First steps to turn this maple into a bonsai

    Planning to make this shohin size but open to suggestions, i have never made a bonsai from pre-bonsai like this and i am curious as what you guys would do such as the first steps and ideas for shaping/wiring.
  24. Apex37

    Pomegranate Hard Pruning

    I got this dwarf pomegranate about a month back and it was a bit past repotting time here. We’re getting into summer here in Texas and now looking into hard pruning this guy cause he’s a mess. Can I safely hard prune this guy now? I’m thinking about cutting back to either the red or blue line...
  25. S

    Pre winter trim

    First of the maples are bare down here so it is time to do the annual trim to get all the bits that were hidden among the leaves all summer. First up are a couple of Japanese maples. No 'before' on this first one. There wasn't really much to take off The next Japanese maple is a bit older...
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