1. J

    First Real Bonsai Project, Need Guidance

    Hello all, I'm new to bonsai, be gentle! To start, the tree in question has the name " Juniperus chinensis 'Daub's Frosted' " and I live near Eugene, Oregon in zone 8b. This is the first tree I've started working on in an effort to learn how to bonsai so even if I don't get it to survive this...
  2. Apex37

    Caleb’s Tree Thread Progression

    I feel like most of my posts are questions on issues with my trees. It’s been a rough year between having an incredibly hot summer, watering issues, pest issues, etc. I thought I’d make a thread and continue updating trees that I’ve been working on that are actually doing well. Lol
  3. SmallTreeGuy

    Branch selection/long shoots

    Hello all, I’m new to Bonsai Nut so please go easy on me. Lol I live in Texas (Dallas zone 8a). Weather has just started to cool down just a bit from the scorching summer heat/drought that we’ve had. Anyways, I bought this Parson’s juniper about a month ago at a local nursery and have...
  4. O

    Pruning a new Procumbens Nana Juniper in early fall?

    I just brought home a garden juniper from my local garden center. For context, I live in hardiness zone 4b (according to both Canadian and USDA hardiness methods). I've asked in a few different forums and researched my own but I'm getting conflicting answers on whether or not I can prune away...
  5. A

    Pomegranate pruning advice

    Hello Nuts! Wanted to ask about this one. It's a pomegranate I got from an old man last summer, it came in clay and now it's established and growing. It looks like a slingshot, and has 3 heavy branches from the same spot creating swell. My question: Is there any alternative to cutting the...
  6. Apex37

    Texas Cedar Elm #1

    I picked this up from a workshop for $45. Thought it was a decent deal. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and didn’t get a chance to work on the tree and so I’m working on my first trimming. There’s a couple shoots I’m not sure what to do with. Here’s the front: The first branch in question...
  7. p_anova

    Cryptomeria "Black Dragon" Pruning

    Hey Nonsai Buts, Trying to figure out how you handle foliage/pruning on this guy. Didn't see much info on it. I repotted early spring from nursery soil and just let the tree go. I left the foliage on top to help with recovery but plan to reduce height next year, possibly jin etc. When and...
  8. Ferg91

    Pruning Weeping Willow

    Semi new to bonsai <4 months. I've been able to read through forms to find what I need for the most part however I cannot find much when it comes to when/where/how to prune. First I would like advise on how to prune back Weeping willow bonsai that started with cuttings. All videos I find about...
  9. S

    First steps to turn this maple into a bonsai

    Planning to make this shohin size but open to suggestions, i have never made a bonsai from pre-bonsai like this and i am curious as what you guys would do such as the first steps and ideas for shaping/wiring.
  10. Apex37

    Pomegranate Hard Pruning

    I got this dwarf pomegranate about a month back and it was a bit past repotting time here. We’re getting into summer here in Texas and now looking into hard pruning this guy cause he’s a mess. Can I safely hard prune this guy now? I’m thinking about cutting back to either the red or blue line...
  11. S

    Pre winter trim

    First of the maples are bare down here so it is time to do the annual trim to get all the bits that were hidden among the leaves all summer. First up are a couple of Japanese maples. No 'before' on this first one. There wasn't really much to take off The next Japanese maple is a bit older...
  12. Apex37

    Question on Cut Paste Application

    I've seen where some people apply cut paste around the edge of the wound of the cut, but not across the entirety of the cut. Is there really a benefit one way over the other? My thought was maybe because that's really the only portion that will roll to callus that maybe it helped slowing down...
  13. W

    Pre-Bonsai Trunk Thickening advice - Prune lower whips?

    I have a very juvenile pre-bonsai which in the past year has shot out a couple whips at the base of the trunk. I'm wondering if I should prune off the lower whips. My thought process is that since they're so low, they will only suck energy and thickness away from the main leader. I am...
  14. Apex37

    Pine Pruning Plan

    I recently acquired this pine and I'm trying to figure out best plan here for long term styling. I have ideas, but my ideas and what might be best could be two different things. So to start, my long term goal would be to increase the trunk size to at least 3". It's about 2" right now. I'm...
  15. O

    Looking for styling advice on this P. Afra I just brought home

    Looking for some ideas on how I can style this P. Afra. It will be my first time doing much in the way of styling but I've done a lot of research over a couple of years and continue to read and learn. Here's a bunch of photos from different angles of the tree. I'm a really big fan of the type of...
  16. B

    Brazilian Rain Tree questions

    Hi, I got this Brazilian Rain Tree cutting a little more than a year ago thanks to @leatherback . It was a rocky start as it got stuck at the post office for 2 extra weeks and when I received it, all leaves were gone. This tree is does not seem to be possible to buy here in Sweden so I felt very...
  17. Sticks 'n' Triangles

    Pyracantha and General Pruning and Removing Flowers/Berries For Growing-on

    I recently bought this young nursery pyracantha 'teton' as I thought it had an interesting trunk line, nice tight foliage/nodes and good sacrificial branches. I plan to hard prune in spring/summer, to reduce the potential inverse taper points, then allow to grow on for a few years either in a...
  18. D

    Newbie, Japanese red maple repot 🍁

    This is my first maple repot from nursery pot to bonsai pot with pruning on top and bottom. Any suggestions or recommendations of care after repotting? Couple of them I learned and following, 1. Do not over water 2. Do not add fertilizer at least for a month 3. Avoid direct sunlight for at...
  19. Apex37

    Experience with Pruning Burning Bush

    Just curious other's experiences with this species. I have one I got from HD some time back that I'm planning on repotting and doing some pruning once spring starts up (usually here it's best the last week of Feb or first 2 weeks of March). Interested to hear about how well they back bud and...
  20. Ben1124

    Dwarf jade in recovery - need help!

    Hello Bonsai Nut community! I bought a Portulacaria Afra from Brussel's about 5 months ago and need some help reviving it. I started getting into bonsai about 5 years ago and this is my first Port. As usual, the nursery soil was a bit too water retentive so I've tried to be very careful with...
  21. KleinM

    Neglected Ficus Natalensis

    Hi guys! So I have this Natal ficus and it was severely neglected. No pruning or repotting has been done to it in over 10 years or so. It was very pot bound in a small circular pot (the surface roots are hardened of in a circular pattern) and was potted into its current pot at the beginning of...
  22. Antrox

    Portulacaria Afra - repotting and hardcutting

    Hello all, I have a 10/12-year-old portulacaria that needs some work. It is very vigorous and healthy. I am planning to check the roots, pruning them if necessary, and repositioning the trunk that now it is too lean. On top of that, I would like to remove a couple of massive branches that grew...
  23. A

    Shaping a Nana Juniper

    I have been working with bonsai for about a year and a half, so I am familiar with many of the basic ideas of how to trim and shape trees. However, this last year got away from me with this juniper, these runners kept growing and at first I was going to move this tree into a training pot, but...
  24. Apex37

    Too Late to Prune Bougainvillea

    I think I already know the answer to this, but I've been growing this bougainvillea out like crazy with no pruning and realized I forgot it amongst all my other plants on trimming it back in summer. Is it too late to prune hard? My need to prune is I'm worried I won't have space for it when I...
  25. Apex37

    Pruning Tips

    I was curious what the usual course of action is when you have a branch that only has a downward or upward growing branch. This is for a crepe myrtle, as I'm sure this might be handled based on species and how well they backbud. I know this is usually not ideal and these branches are removed...
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