1. JamesBondsai

    1yr old Pinus Mugo Pumilio - Help!

    Please help ☺️ Hello all, I'm very new to the world of Bonsai and have been growing a Pinus Mugo Pumilio from the seed. I've got a 1yr old seedling and I'm looking for guidance. (I'm located in Southern England, for seasonal reference). I planted it towards the end of Autumn 2020 and simulated...
  2. A

    TBS Thread - Fun with Nothofagus Seedlings

    Posting in the Toronto Bonsai Society sub forum started recently to help us all out as we distance ourselves into bored oblivion but certainly welcome any input from others in the Bonsai Nut community. Parts of this post are excerpted from a similar thread I started a few weeks back on Mirai but...
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