punica granatum

  1. th3ronin

    Punica granatum nana (Pomegranate) repot time

    I have this punica granatum nana, I wanted to repot, from what I noticed researching the best time is the end of winter, early spring, when the tree is sprouting. However, it's still two months before winter's over but it looks like it's already sprouting. When should I perform the repot, now or...
  2. akhater

    [2018- ] Pomegranate I

    This Pomegranate was going to be removed from a friend's garden last August, so I thought why not give it a try As collected First potting Spring 2018 Cleaning the suckers
  3. sparklemotion

    Pomegranate (Punica) -- asking questions first, pruning later

    I picked up this pomegranate at the MN Bonsai Society Auction this past weekend. I'd like to keep it happy/healthy over the next few months before I start making any major decisions. I've read some of @bonhe's great threads on these trees, as well as some other online sources (b4me...
  4. ColinFraser

    Digging a Large Pomegranate

    OK Nuts, I will have an opportunity to collect a Pomegranate tree from a friend's property in the next week or so. I've had some success with other species and landscape collection, but I've never dug a Pom before. If you have any tips or tricks, I'm all ears. I know they're hardy, and my...
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