1. O

    Looking to buy JM seedlings ( less than 1 year old) for my collection (Southern California)

    Starting a Japanese maple seedling collection to eventually grow into bonsai. I'd like to purchase brand new seedlings (<1 yr.) preferably: Deshojo/ShinDeshojo kiyohime Arakawa Katsura Shishigashira Seigen Yama-Momiji Im open to other varieties if they make good bonsai, but I try to steer...
  2. apic92

    Buy a tree in Japan, leave it there

    Hi folks, I am doing some research about the Bonsai market and thought I would ask the community here to discussed some topics. Open-ended question to avoid any bias :) Here is the first one. I am wondering what do you guys think about buying a tree at a Japanese bonsai garden, in Japan...
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