1. Apex37

    Dwarf Post Oak - Quercus margarettae

    I recently got back from a trip out to Texas hill country, which is always nice. While out there, we got the chance to visit Hill Country State Natural Area, a beautiful state preserve that had loads of hiking and horseback riding trails. While out on a hike I came across a dwarf post oak. Now...
  2. Apex37

    Is Evergreen Oak (Quercus ilex) a Good Bonsai Subject?

    Curious if anyone has used these for bonsai subject or had any luck with them. I have one in my yard thinking of maybe getting some cuttings of or doing a possible air layer as I don't have any oaks and thought might be fun to play around with. Couldn't find much online about them as bonsai.
  3. cornfed

    Dwarf Chinkapin Oak: Cornfed Edition

    I'm catching up on starting journal threads for the other trees I got planted last month. I potted this Quercus Prinoides, Dwarf Chinkapin Oak, on 4/24/2021. It was grown from seed and was originally potted in a 80% pine-bark mixture. My goal for this tree is to thicken the trunk and...
  4. Bricker918

    Quercus Durata (Leather oak) mame

    Picked up this cool little leather oak a few weeks back from Maruyama's in Sacramento, figure I'd start a progression thread. anybody have any clue on the potter? love the detail. Lastly there appears to be a ramification issue if anyone would be so kinda as to lend some advice... The...
  5. Big Country Bonsai

    My first collected Quercus fusiformis (escarpment live oak)

    Hey guys. Just wanted to document my first attempt at collecting escarpment live oak. Collection site is southwest of Abilene Texas. The tree was growing in old growth oak and juniper forest. Quercus buckleyi is the predominant oak but there are a few live oak in the area. I think it shows nice...
  6. Big Country Bonsai

    Escarpment live oak 2020

    I know there are a few nice escarpment live oaks in the bonsai world and I hope I can bring another nice tree into the mix. This tree is growing in a rough arid landscape with lots of juniper and red oak. These struggles have resulted in the live oaks in this area having smaller leaves...
  7. Big Country Bonsai

    Another Buckley Oak collected in Texas.

    Hey guys, just documenting and sharing another Quercus buckleyi ( Buckley’s Oak) that I collected near Abilene, Texas. I’m really excited about this one because of the really nice radial roots that it has. There’s a tiny bit of inverse taper at the moment but I’m hoping now that the lower trunk...
  8. NateDav

    Quercus terbinella

    Hello everyone, Last year I collected 2 shrub oak, quercus terbinella, from a nearby ranch in Central Texas. I placed them in a very coarse nursery mix (standard 5 gal can) and placed in semi shade for the year. They survived and put on a bit of growth. I'm considering placing them into a grow...
  9. Big Country Bonsai

    Newly acquired Souther or Texas live oak

    So I took a trip down to the Austin area this weekend and came across what I consider a nice oak prebonsai. Given the fact that it’s been in a pot a few years after collection and was showing good growth I decided to give it a go because I’ve been on the hunt for a nice live oak to work on. It’s...
  10. Big Country Bonsai

    Future twin trunk oak

    I’m one of those that really wants to see more oak in bonsai and I hope to eventually have some nice ones myself. Here are a few shots of an oak that I recently collected. It was a real chore getting this guy out of the ground! During the process I broke my mattock axe handle by hitting it on a...
  11. Big Country Bonsai

    Did I leave the trunk of this oak too long?

    I collected this oak this weekend and was able to get some nice feeder roots out with it. I left the trunks long with the intention of maybe cutting them back shorter in the next couple of days. I’ve already shortened them to where I have the trunks blocked out in the edited picture but I’m...
  12. Big Country Bonsai

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing several varieties of oak seeds ( acorns)?

    Not sure if there's any interest, but I have access to several oak trees with loads of acorns. There is Live oak, buckley oak (its a beautiful delicate red oak), Mohr oak (similar to grey oak), post oak, blackjack oak, and an interesting hybrid of buckley and blackjack oak ( hastings oak) and...
  13. Big Country Bonsai

    Collecting Juniper in Texas. Please help!

    I have an awesome opportunity to collect whatever I want according to the land owners...this doesn’t mean I will just try and pull everything out of the ground. I want to do it right and give the trees the best chance of survival possible so I’m looking for advice and possible hands on help to...
  14. Big Country Bonsai

    Help with apex shortening/design

    I’m a new practitioner to the wonderful art of bonsai so I have so much to learn and am willing to learn wherever I can! Anyways I have this really cool oak tree (Quercus Buckley’s) that was collected earlier this year and it’s done generally good (except for the leaf burn) for it’s first year...
  15. Big Country Bonsai

    Recently acquired post oak (Quercus stellata)

    I was lucky enough to purchase this pretty cool oak prebonsai at a Dallas nursery and just had to take it home with me because I think it has potential to become something awesome in the future. From what I’ve read collecting oak is something that’s not necesarilly easy to do and it was awesome...
  16. Big Country Bonsai

    Anyone have experience working with Quercus stellata (post oak)? Any advice appreciated

    I was lucky enough to purchase this pretty cool oak prebonsai at a Dallas nursery and just had to take it home with me because I think it has potential to become something awesome in the future. From what I’ve read collecting oak is something that’s not necesarilly easy to do and it was awesome...
  17. L

    Oak ID help

    Got this for free from a nurseryman who only offered “some kind of oak” as a what’s what. It started in a 32 gallon pot as a root-bound 12 foot tree. In one day I cut it to its current height and used the sawzall to cut out a pancake of root mass for a transfer to an Anderson flat. In less than...
  18. parhamr

    Quercus garryana progression

    In 2014 I bought a 1-gallon seedling Quercus garryana from a local retail nursery for about $15. Here it is in 2015 in a 3-gal clay pot: I decided to grow out a second main trunk line and work on a natural looking informal broom style This tree is inspiring So I grew it out in full sun...
  19. Big Country Bonsai

    Awesome Buckley Oak

    Went out looking for material to collect this weekend and was able to bring this beauty home. It already has a nice branch structure and I was able to get a good deal of feeder roots with it which is apparently rare in oak trees. I thank I am going to take one of the larger branches off but...
  20. Big Country Bonsai

    Help me decide which trees I should collect!

    Looking forward to collecting a few trees this spring! As I am new to bonsai I figured I’d get some input on which ones are worth collecting and which ones are probably not worth the trouble. 1• Buckley oak (Quercus buckleyii) 2• Rusty blackhaw (Viburnum rufidulum) 3• Gum bumelia (Sideroxylon...
  21. Big Country Bonsai

    Nice score on this oak which I believe is blackjack oak.

    Hey guys I know there’s a recent appreciation for oaks and their potential to make good bonsai so I just thought I would share my newly acquired prebonsai material. I got this tree from Ray at Bent Tree Bonsai in Dallas and I think it has potential to make a nice tree at some point. The trunk...
  22. ConorDash

    Quercus Faginea (Portuguese Oak)

    Hello, This is a new tree of mine, just delivered yesterday. From Graham Potter's Kaizen. I believe it was collected 2 years ago and has been with them ever since, repotted in Spring. Let me know what you think and with any advice for its care. It's my first oak, my previous (current) species...
  23. Baby Live Oak

    Baby Live Oak

    Collected last week, no shovel needed. eBay age 20 years.
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