radial roots

  1. cornfed

    The Four-Inch Rule: Air Pruning from Germination & Rootmaker

    As I began learning more about bonsai, I stumbled across a concept you guys are all very familiar with, but was new to me: Air-Pruning. I learned about it while researching a local tree nursery that uses "The Rootmaker System" by reading the literature on their website. Pictured below is an...
  2. DonovanC

    From Wrecked to Radial (Yes, I spent real time thinking of that title.)

    I collected this American Elm last spring, and it’s done really well since. I checked out the roots this spring and there was a clump of roots on one side and a few little roots on the other - I sorted the roots as well as I could and buried it deep. I didn’t have any sphagnum moss so it’s just...
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