raised bed

  1. Rivian

    Soil for raised bed?

    New raised bed, 70cm high. Does it really matter whats in the bottom half? It doesnt rain a lot here, we can go a month or two without significant rain. Except in Winter 🙄 when its not needed. And what to put in the top half? Cheap-ish, if possible Have just few trees for it right now, so what I...
  2. Rabe

    Carpinus betulus, ground/box race.

    Got some Carpinus betulus for in the garden to screen of ugly wooden fencing. I bought 5 of them, but only needed 4 for in the ground (raised bed). I had build a grow box a while ago and thought this was a nice opportunity to see how well a young Carpinus would grow in a growbox with Terramol...
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