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  1. B

    Week 3 Free Stone Pot Giveaway

    Real stone pot, 10”x9”x2.5” Freeform “Square”. This pot FREE to the first person to send email mentioning “week 3 free pot giveaway”, to, About week 3 stone pot: Heavier/thicker walls&base to accommodate larger, >50# trees Chipped areas of stone already starting...
  2. S

    Repotting a mature Korean Fir [advice wanted]

    I have several seasons of experience with bonsai now, but 18 months or so ago came into possession of a fairly scruffy ~50 year old Abies koreana. I did some pruning last year, mostly of dying material and to start bringing in the out-of-control apex (see pre-work pic). I have also been careful...
  3. Balbs

    Is it too late to repot trident?

    Hi all, I was traveling and just got home to my trident, ready for spring! I did intend to repot this one this year. I’m growing it out in an Anderson flat and it’s been three years or so, so I expect it to need some heavy root work. Am I too late?
  4. th3ronin

    Punica granatum nana (Pomegranate) repot time

    I have this punica granatum nana, I wanted to repot, from what I noticed researching the best time is the end of winter, early spring, when the tree is sprouting. However, it's still two months before winter's over but it looks like it's already sprouting. When should I perform the repot, now or...
  5. Unearthed

    Advice on very old Azalea bush

    Hi All, I have this Azalea bush in my yard that I believe has a lot of potential to be a very unique, old bonsai with a few years of rehab. I live in 5b, but this bush is planted right next to the house in a brick built-in garden box... been here long before I bought the house. I think due to...
  6. S

    Should I repot?

    6 days ago I was at Lowe's to get some potting soil and couldn't resist the price of their "bonsai" trees. I got a fukien tea. I know everyone hates them but I couldn't resist for only $20 and I previously had one for 1 year that did well until I moved. I live sort of close to Houston, TX, zone...
  7. blainsai

    Back to nursery pot 4 more size. Help

    Wife got me my 2nd tree from the same old lady and her van on a St. corner. It’s a healthy little tree but I want more tree. Can I just use a cheap black plastic pot that all my other gardening plants come in. Like a 1 gallon? Or do I need something fancy like I see on Also...
  8. B


    I’ve never had an issue with this Brazilian Raintree I’ve had it for about a year and just recently I have started to water with a pan underneath it which was not allowing the water to drain completely for up to a day at a time then the tree started to not open sleeps all the way in the daytime...
  9. Backwardsvg

    Cottonwood Ahead

    I collected this cottonwood last spring and it is EXPLODING with growth this year. I have it in 100% field soil from where I collected it. I am wondering does anyone have any experience with transitioning these to bonsai soil? How are they with root disturbance? Any other advice would be...
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