1. B

    My cedrus seems dying after repotting

    Hi all, New to the forum and relatively new to bonsai’s. On mid September i have repotted my cedrus which i bought from nursery stock and styled end of spring. I live in Greece and at that time and till before a week weather was quite warm (around 17-27 Celcius). I took the risk to repot because...
  2. Clicio

    Air Prune pots? Never again!

    Well, I have fallen for the siren's chant and purchased 2 air prune pots, one XXL and one XL, from AliXPress. During the winter of 2021, one and a half years ago, I've reppoted a big Malus and a fairly big Dawn Redwood into the pots, to get more fine roots closer to the trunk. It worked pretty...
  3. jaycraig

    trident maple

    so i just got this trident maple and shimpaku juniper in the mail on friday ( picture below). i wanted to pot them up in 5mm - 6mm perlite but all i had was a fine 1mm-3mm perlite which i bought on accident. so i decided to not wait till i get the bigger grade perlite and pop my repot cherry and...
  4. M

    Large hornbeam yamadori.

    Hi all, collected a nice thick hornbeam from my grandads place in central France, unfortunately I was forced to collect the tree then and there (mid august). I collected it withought a lot of Troy and had to pot it up in pretty terrible soil (the only soil available at the time). It stayed in...
  5. J

    Juniper Issues

    Hello everyone I have a questions of Juniper given to me as gift. I currently live in New Jersey and have it outside in un heated sunroom in a east facing window. I noticed the rocks on top of soil seemed to be glued on so removed and added plastic to protect from cold in winter. My issue is...
  6. ConorDash

    Olive Repoting

    I'd like some opinions on repoting an European Olive. I have the info, from a number of sources online, the why and when is fine by me.. best repoted in summer, during active growth and repoted as little as possible as they don't like it. What I am looking for is some people's experience of...
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