repotting time

  1. Anjin Blackthumb

    Dwarf Hinoki (Nana Gracilis) issues

    Greetings everyone. Been a couple years since my first post. Still have about a million questions, but I'll go one at a time. So, I found a pretty good size hinoki at a local nursery. Loved the trunk movement when I got into the plant, couldn't resist taking it home with me. Ref: Zone 5...
  2. Clicio

    The struggle between emergency repotting, and wrong season.

    One of my big junipers - a Kishu - is going slowly downhill for months. No new growth, crackling pale foliage dropping down in tufts, bad color overall when compared to other Kishu nearby. At first, I found out some insect borers - termites? - in the deadwood, but managed to get rid of them...
  3. Clicio

    Avoid bleeding Maples at repotting and pruning times.

    According to Peter Adam's book on maples, if correctly done, the feared bleeding in early Spring or late Summer will be minimum on Palmatums and Buergerianums. There is a watering variable when repotting and/or hard pruning the tree that avoids or at least lessens the issue. Excerpt from the...
  4. A

    Help with repotting

    Hey Guys! I got my bonsai about 6 months ago and yesterday it’s pot broke, recently the soil has started to come away from the edges and I was told that I needed to soak it for 5 minutes and then drain. It looks like it possibly needs repotting, I have ordered a slightly bigger pot for it but...
  5. Clicio

    Red Pine-Repot or wait little longer?

    Well, I have this JRP cascade that is sitting in this pot for too long. I got it two years ago, the original soil was a mix with mostly Akadama and now it is draining very badly. I guess there are two problems, the old packed Akadama + being root bound, so the needles are showing yellowing tips...
  6. Gsquared

    When to repot in Southern Washington/Northern Oregon?

    I am a recent transplant to the Portland area, and this being my first "real" winter since starting bonsai 20-something years ago. I had lived in San Francisco (where winter often came in July and August) and San Diego (where we never had winter at all), so repotting season started in late Jan...
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