rescued tree

  1. rōjinbonsai

    Privet ligrustum ovalifolium

    Privet ligrustum ovalifolium 16 months in the making from a stump found abandoned.
  2. G

    Rather large “rescue” from a nursery

    Hey, I just picked up a new globosa nana from a nursery, half of the foliage on the side the sun was on for most of the day is a pale yellow. I brought it home and replanted it and I was wondering if you guys had any more tips to throw my way or and advice. I have no idea what direction I want...
  3. glass_shark

    Gutter rescue in progress, will it survive?

    So, to keep it brief, a gutter fell off of my apartment building, and the next morning I found a white mulberry tree that had been growing in the gutter for a number of years. the leaves were limp but still green, it's now in a pot with some soil, but hasn't perked up after about a day or so...
  4. Chinese elm

    Chinese elm

    Had this chinese elm a couple of years now arrived in bad health and probably the worst soil I have ever seen, still not fully there but its one of my favourites as I have become to attached
  5. palagaban

    A Rescued Mugo pine... found its home :)

    Last summer I found a mugo pine thrown in a corner lot here in my area. It was maybe used as a hedge and the owner might have dug and threw it, hoping that the trash collector would clean it. Luckily a bonsaist came to rescue it... :) I was so glad that it had a small rootball that was intact...
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