1. bonsguy

    Best Bonsai Magazine Subscription?

    I want to buy a bonsai magazine gift subscription for a friend and would like recommendations. I read in an old (2015) thread that the top magazines were: 1. International Bonsai Magazine 2. Bonsai Today 3. The Journal of the American Bonsai Society These all appear to be out of print now, or...
  2. Csmdad

    Very super absolute beginnings

    Hi all. So I'm super-super-super-new to bonsai. I mean when I say new, I mean the "I don't even own a bonsai tree" type of super-new to bonsai, but hear me out. For the past 2 months (well... all of Nov and now over half of Dec) I've been studying bonsai. (Not totally "pinterest-study"...
  3. Cypress187

    Youtube Bonsai Channels/Video's/Playlists

    Here is a collection of Youtube channels,playlists and video's I've collected, sorted on updates and quality for you! You can comment recommendations so I can add them, or give this resource a review. [Video's] Styling Juniper: Peter Warren - Ian's Juniper Juniper: Peter Warren - Phil's...
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