1. anakgelap

    Help troubleshoot azaleas in equatorial climate

    Hi... I'm from Indonesia sorry if my English is not good because I use Translation. I just started bonsai, and about a year ago I bought Azaleas (I don't know the specific ID, at the time I bought them they weren't blooming) and I have kept them without messing with them all this year, but never...
  2. B


    Hello there fellow Bonsai enthusiasts! My name is Nathan and I'm new to the community. I've posted once already but figured I would give my background on bonsai and ask for some oponions/advice. I've been interested and studying Bonsai off and on now for about 15 years so I already understand...
  3. MountainExplorer

    Rhododendrons and winterizing in pot

    I got a couple questions about rhododendrons or azaleas about winterizing in a pot. I got a beautiful rhododendron that I've had all season and I want to keep it alive during the winter. I heard you can put it in styrofoam cooler with some Mulch and pine needles for the winter but I live in...
  4. j evans


    I purchased this plant back in 2014 and really haven't done anything with it other than a repot and some reduction in size. It doesn't seem to back bud much and was wondering if that is just a trait of these or if I cut it back real hard would it then force the tree to back bud? The reason I...
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