root cutting

  1. Clorgan

    Fuchsia magellanica garden dig

    Posted this in fuchsia thread, so apologies if you're seeing twice! But aware that's a rather niche thread and may be missed (or just avoided 😂) Just dug up my ground fuchsia and potted. Hoping I've left enough roots?? Hoping I did, as this one could be rather nice! First photo is just dug...
  2. D

    Newbie, Japanese red maple repot 🍁

    This is my first maple repot from nursery pot to bonsai pot with pruning on top and bottom. Any suggestions or recommendations of care after repotting? Couple of them I learned and following, 1. Do not over water 2. Do not add fertilizer at least for a month 3. Avoid direct sunlight for at...
  3. KleinM

    Chinese Elm Root cutting

    Hi guys! I've only been doing Bonsai for a year and have never done something like this before. I planted a root cutting from my Chinese Elm when I potted it into a bonsai pot this December. Now it has a little branch and a couple of leaves! 😁 My question is, do I plant the whole root into...
  4. F

    Roots Through Drainage Holes

    Hey everybody, I've had my bonsais a bit under a year (started from seeds) and am seeing my Ficus and Jacaranda growing roots through their drainage holes. Originally, I was under the impression that water that drains should be left in these trays to help with humidity, especially since they...
  5. M

    Dogwood scrub

    Hello! I picked up this dogwood scrub at my local nursery for $2. It was growing roots out if the bottom of it's container and is my root bound. Am I okay to root prune it now in Oregon? I feel so bad for the little guy, he's trapped!! Any advice would be helpful. Thank you
  6. akhater

    [2018- ] Pomegranate II - My big root cutting

    This tree was actually a root of my big pomegranate when I noticed it couldn't fit in the pot I just cut the root and plant it to see what would happen to it. well it sprouted and it is doing great. This one was repoted this year (maybe I shouldn't have) but it starting to show signs of growth...
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