root over rock bonsai

  1. Deep Sea Diver

    Inherited - Shimpaku Raft over Rock

    This is a somewhat unusual, yet not totally unknown, composition as it combines two styles. Root over rock and raft. Has been in brother in law’s care for 6 years. I repotted and trimmed back for him four years ago. Haven’t seen since. Not flashy but a nice bonsai if certain issues can be...
  2. Hartinez

    ROR Siberian Elm

    Figured this little cutie deserved its own thread. Started in may of 2020 from a seedling collected in Abq’s Bosque. 2020. Left to grow and set some branches with a pretty typical bonsai shape (which may not have been the best decision). It grew well as all elms here do. 2021. Unearthed...
  3. Hartinez

    ROR Ficus Wiandi

    I’ve posted this tree in my other Wiandi thread, but I feel like this tree will only improve and deserves its own thread. I don’t have great process photos unfortunately so nows a good a time as any to start taking and posting photos. I started the tree 2 years ago from a rooted cutting and...
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