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  1. James W.

    2023-2026 ROR Contest rules

    1) To start immediately and end December 1, 2026 (4 years). No closing date for accepting entries. 2) Entries should be from the families Moraceae and/or Rosaceae. 3) 'Rock' may be anything as long as the roots are displayed growing over, around and/or through it. 4) Number of entries per person...
  2. jszg

    Amurs on a Rock

    Here is my humble attempt to get a little Amur Maple grove growing on a rock. If it doesnt work, well, it's not like amur maple is a precious resource. The rock: I then did my best to cloak the rock in wet sphagnum moss, maybe an inch or so in depth, as a substrate for the young maples. I...
  3. Julio-Rufo

    Ulmus minor - Root over rock

    Hi all, This is a small Ulmus minor that appeared randomly in the pot of another bonsai some years ago. In 2020 I decided to put it on an empty cheap chinese pot that was around. Last late winter I decided to do something with it and I started a little root over rock project: A bit...
  4. K

    How do you secure your rocks in your pots?

    My root over rock spruce is entering its second season of rock hugging now. I was absent mindedly looking at the new growth extending today when it suddenly occurred to me that I never planned how I was going to go about securing this tall heavy rock into a pot some day, and there are no lumps...
  5. aframe


    I started this tree from an air-layer that I separated from the mother in 2015. I planted it on the rock in 2016. In December 2018 I gave it to my brother in law for his birthday. In spring 2021 I stole it back to re-shape it. The pictures below are Dec. 9 2018
  6. L

    Lorax7 Pomegranate #1 progression

    I grew quite a few pomegranates from seed. This is one of them. Had it potted in a tall pot for a while to grow nice long roots. Recently did a root over rock planting with it. It has since dropped most of its leaves. I’ll be bringing it indoors and putting it under lights soon. Hopefully...
  7. L

    Lorax7 Mugo Pine #1 progression

    As usual, I forgot to take a picture of the tree before working on it. Didn’t take a picture of the lace rock either. Did a root-over-rock planting at a Pauline Muth workshop. I guess I paid attention in class because it’s still alive and kicking. Here it is in fall 2021:
  8. Fishtank307

    Zelkova root over rock

    I made this root over rock planting from a two year old zelkova cutting. I had the rock laying around for some time, it came from a river in the Ardennes. The cutting fits perfectly on top and I made sure none of the roots were crossing. I tried to create a good flow in the roots, moving them...
  9. JBP_85

    Rock Collecting

    Hi Everyone, I’ve been out over the last couple of days collecting rocks so that I have a variety to choose from when I start my root over rock Trident seedlings this coming spring. @Shibui recommended I get a range of options. I just figured I’d share what I’ve found so far and get...
  10. Rivka

    I'm the New Caretaker for an Old Larch Grove, looking for insight.

    Today I became the 3rd caretaker for an old larch grove that is apparently 60+ years old. It has been owned by two members of my local Bonsai Society, the last of which for 20 years. I would love to learn all I can about larches, I have always loved them as landscape trees, as well as anything...
  11. faker

    Zelkova ROR project

    I've been working on this Zelkova for a few years now and wanted to start a thread to track progress and get some feedback. 2018: Repotted this year and changed the angle: I think I'll be planning a major chop/cutback sometime this year or next year depending on how fast it grows. Poorly...
  12. James W.

    When should I check them roots?

    I have several root-over-rock I have started in the last 5 or so years. Juniper, Chinese elm, trident, JBP, mugo, cotoneaster, rosemary. My question, how long should I wait to dig one up and check the roots? I do not want to wait until the roots are not fixable, but I am afraid too quickly or...
  13. thumblessprimate1

    Root Over Rock Trident Maple

    I must have been inspired by @Brian Van Fleet to do a root over rock trident maple when I started this who knows maybe 3 years back? I got the cutting from @Eric Group. I cant remember but I think it's spent its time growing in containers. This time I'll continue but will let roots escape. I...
  14. TyroTinker

    Too small for RoR?

    I’ve always liked the idea of ROR and today I took my son to his first rock and gem show. While I was there I found this cool looking rock that has some potential for use with root over rock problem is... the rock is just under 5 inches tall... Is this size out of the question for a believable...
  15. IMG_20190220_143412.jpg


    Elm on a rock in a pot
  16. IMG_20190220_135824.jpg


    Elm on a rock
  17. IMG_20190220_134806.jpg


    Elm and a rock
  18. ekim046

    Azalea Bonsai Experiment - Measuring Precise Nutrient Levels & Garden Update

    Hey folks, Just wanted to share my thoughts on measuring nutrients and applied some ideas from Hydroponics growers <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  19. cockroach

    Roach's Fici

    Thought I would start a thread I will periodically update. Not regularly. Sporadically. I have a few ficus that now have pots or will be getting soon. Some that I need help choosing a direction on and some that are just starting out. The first one is my Literati cascade. I like this one. It...
  20. ekim046

    Root Over Rock Project - Rock Highlight and plan

    Hello everyone, I've been keeping an eye out for a rock for an upcoming root-over-rock project. After months of passively searching, I found this little gem: While it has numerous wonderful features, it looks like it will come with it's share of difficulties. I go over these in the video...
  21. ekim046

    Trident Maple - Air layer to root over rock. Think It'll take?

    Hey folks! I'm air layering a trident maple that i bought from Wal Mart (surprisingly decent quality) to be used for a root over rock repot for the upcoming spring. I've read that tridents are super vigorous in both root and foliage growth and respond well to techniques like air layering and...
  22. PhotonGrapher

    Rocky - RoR Trident @ Spring Break

  23. Saddler

    RoR Acer P. on Nephrite

    When I moved into my townhouse almost two years ago, a maple had been growing from seed in an overgrown pot in the backyard with roots that went almost straight down. I was gutting the yard and nothing was going to be left back there so it either had to die or get repotted. I have a few pieces...
  24. Shan Anand

    RoR Trident Maple [Rocky]

    I am so excited today after acquiring this RoR Trident Maple from a club member! My first pics after I got it back home!
  25. Bonsai Hunter

    How To Train Your Ficus Mini Bonsai For Root Over Rock

    Species - Ficus Racemosa / Cluster Fig This cutting was rooted in water and then fixed onto the rock. Still in the process of gripping the rock. I am adding liquid NPK nutrients to the water. Water is changed once a week. Eventually, the rock could either sit on a tray of soil or water. I...
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