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  1. woodkraftbonsai

    Big Box Store Japanese Maple - chop and root prune? Or just chop?

    Found this maple at Home Depot and couldn’t pass it up due to the price. Had to chop most of the branches off to get into the suv for the ride home. It was balled and bur-lapped in the pot. I pulled it away a bit and just under the clay soil there is some root flare. I will probably ground/air...
  2. SU2

    Q's on Red Maple collections (large swamp-growns stock), especially Re initial rootplate structure (FL / 9a/b zone)

    Would LOVE to hear this "Relative to BC's"!! The time is nearly here, I'll be wading through 1-->3'+ swamps, feeling-around for possible candidates for "good trunk-base stock" Maples, BC's and Nyssa's (any others that may be found in cent.FL that I may be overlooking, in terms of "standing...
  3. J

    Just got a Parrots beak does everything look all right?

    I got this tree about two weeks ago from our local garden center I just wanted to make sure everything looked all right the tree almost looks dead but leafs are starting to show but no current budding currently watering every other day and keeping relative humidity around 50% at 65 to 68° just...
  4. Brad in GR

    Trident Surgery - Feedback Welcomed

    My first major surgery on a "sort of more ish mature" piece of material. Trident Maple incremental trunk chop, heavy root prune, and repot. These wash basins are of course for future growth and not meant to be aesthetically pleasing. So happy that the tree is doing well this spring and...
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