root rot

  1. anthony burce

    need help identifying disease and advice on cure.

    Hi there I haven't posted in a while but I just recently purchased this older Japanese red pine. Compact Tanyosho ( Pinus Densiflora Umbraculifera- Compacta) I traveled to Chester CA and found this. Originally priced at 99 but I pointed out the ailment and the nursery owner accepted $50. She...
  2. D

    Dwarf mugo pine with root rot need advice

    I just got my first mugo pine a few days ago. I know you should repot in mid summer but I pulled the nursery pot off to try to remove the top layer of soil to try to see the trunk better. I found that the soil was soaking wet and a mucky mess. There is new roots growing but a lot of older roots...
  3. Josiana

    Is This Root Rot?

    We've had mental weather here in Sweden lately, with the temperatures going from -2 to +25c.. Most of my garden seems very confused as to what season it is, and my bonsai trees have been hit the worst. I've been trying to rule out what could possibly be wrong with this juniper. Is this root rot...
  4. markyscott

    Can a ficus get root rot?

    Yes. What it takes is a shallow pot, heavy soil allowed to remain for too long and overwatering. I purchased this one with hopes to resuscitate. It’s clearly in decline, having dropped most of its leaves since mid-summer. Scott
  5. B

    A Little Issue (Root Rot)

    I have a little issue. Someone threw a really bad condition bonsai at me. It was in a really loamy, waterlogged soil. After pruning only bad roots, it left only 1/2 of the original root system (including pruning roughly 1/2 the feeders) because of severe root rot. I have bonsai experience...
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