1. MaineBonsaiEnthusiast

    Giant American Beech yamadori

    Hey Everyone, I pulled this monster out yesterday and I'm looking for advice. I wasn't able to collect as many roots as I had hoped so I'm curious what you would do moving forward. Biggest questions are whether I should tent it, and should I reduce any of the small/less significant branching...
  2. Clicio

    Circling roots-How to handle them?

    Hi folks, Sometimes the answers to simple questions are so ambiguous, or even contradictory, I think it is better to ask here first. Every time I find circling roots tightly packed around a pot, I get the impression that even being as careful as possible untangling them is not the best...
  3. hemmy

    Apparent Mycorrhizae sheaths on Trident Maple Roots

    I dug this trident maple yesterday and found these white fungal(?) sheaths on many roots. When wet, it was thick and spongy and could be scratched away to reveal the outer portion of the root beneath. They appear similar to images at the below site, but this is the first time I’ve encountered...
  4. Clicio

    Nebari. Brazilian Style.

    Amazon Rain Forest. photo ©2018 AraquemAlcantara
  5. C

    Transitional soil?

    Hi all, I have a question that I cant seem to find an answer to online or in my books. I live in zone 6b and I am just getting into conifers. I currently have a small white pine and a cypress. Im not trying to bind them yet or anything. I just want them to be happy and healthy for a year or...
  6. Clicio

    Acer Kaede roots galore!

    Hi, talking about air layering roots and colanders, this little trident maple has grown a lot fhis season (never mind the apex sacrifice branch), and the roots are coming ou of the botton of the pot. Well, I've been following some threads saying "roots die immediately when they are exposed to...
  7. O

    Bedding Trees

    I have quite a few small trees I took as saplings a few years ago and potted them in various grit mixes. They are doing great but are getting too big (and there are too many) to keep potting up, I simply cant make that much grit. I want to put them in the ground for a few years to let them...
  8. Angela

    Acacia Advice, Please?

    Hi there! So I'm not sure if there's a forum for this, so sorry if I'm messing this up ... This is my first ever bonsai. My parents got it for me. It's an Acacia, though I'm not sure what type -- it has thorns and the bark of the trunk has an almost feathery texture - it's soft and if you...
  9. Bonsai Hunter

    How To Train Your Ficus Mini Bonsai For Root Over Rock

    Species - Ficus Racemosa / Cluster Fig This cutting was rooted in water and then fixed onto the rock. Still in the process of gripping the rock. I am adding liquid NPK nutrients to the water. Water is changed once a week. Eventually, the rock could either sit on a tray of soil or water. I...
  10. Skrawl

    New, and need some help.

    Hi there, I've recently started my first bonsai project. I started with a small Sawara False Cypress that I picked up at a small shop outside of my hometown; I would say it's about a year old, but I'm no expert so that may not be true. I have successfully trimmed the roots and repotted the...
  11. F

    Ponder(osa)ing Pine Pruning

    Hello. Getting an early spring here. Yay! Getting ready to start this pine also. Forgot the species name. Don't think it is a ponderosa but couldn't resist adding it to the title. Since everyone has kindly suggested leaving my 4 inch tall birch to grow for some time, I have been considering...
  12. Castanea

    Soil mix and root development - newbie

    Hi all, I have a dwarf jade, it is my first succulent. I picked it up in December, and its above ground portion has been growing steadily ever since, despite the winter slow down. However, today I accidentally knocked its pot and spilled out most of its soil. I noticed looking inside the pot...
  13. J

    Excellent Nebari (Surface root) technique

    I've always been curious. How do you create this excellent nebari? I know techniques that include placing a tile underneath the tree and force the nebari to grow outwards. Is that the technique that produces the attached result?
  14. SCHEFFLERA 042815 B

    SCHEFFLERA 042815 B

  15. SCHEFFLERA 042815 F

    SCHEFFLERA 042815 F

  16. AZALEA #1 REPOTTED 042615

    AZALEA #1 REPOTTED 042615

  17. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    Rear view of the roots
  18. Dawn Redwood

    Dawn Redwood

    Front View Roots
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