rotten trunk

  1. Bonsai Cowboy

    JM Rotted Trunk Hole Holding Water

    TL;DR - my tree rotted in the middle, so I carved out the spongy-rotted wood and that created a water-holding hole in the trunk. I'm not sure what to do to fix the water-holding hole or to help this tree heal-up. Pics inserted below. I have had this Japanese Maple (Osakazuki) since 2014 (I...
  2. Storm87

    Deadwood features / rot on the main trunk (advice needed)

    Hi all, Last spring I managed to acquire a nice hedge maple (urban) yamadori. It doing oke, it survived a pretty dry and hot summer here in the Netherlands. The tree has some nice deadwood features on the main trunk, but also quite a deep hole. I would really like some general advice on how...
  3. M

    HUGE Ficus retusa, with tons of trunk rot.

    Hello, I am new here. I just bought this huuuuge ficus retusa from a nursery. The tree was kept in a greenhouse to its own means. Very neglected, tons of rotten wood at the bottom. Keeping the tree alive, there's a few aerial roots with long shoots coming out at the ends, it really makes the...
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