1. shakotan710

    Small Seiju

    This is my Seiju, I've had it for about two years and I made the first cuts on it this past winter. It was purchased from the Muranaka nursery in Nipomo, CA. It was propagated from a root cutting about 5 years prior to my ownership. 2017-right after purchase Winter 2017 Bark Detail After...
  2. sixemkay

    ISO Sacramento-area Tree-sitter 9-20-19 to 10-5-19

    Is there a person in the Sacramento area that would be able to board my plants for 2 weeks? I have some very young and very small trees that I just don't think the neighbors or a house-sitter would be able to water properly.
  3. shakotan710

    Coral Bark Maple

    Hello everyone! This maple was won at my local Sacramento bonsai club raffle earlier this year and this was its first styling since it's been in my possession. A fellow member of my local club, Roger Steel, was kind enough to host a workshop and allow me to work on this tree. This tree was...