1. vancehanna

    penjing /pensai and Tokoname pots for sale

    Hi all! I've got some penjing (lava rock and the 'other' type not sure of the correct name) pottery and such that I acquired from Mr. Wu's collection in Stockton that I'm looking to sell. They as complete pot and rockery are heavy! I suspect unless you're really wanting to ship, best pick up...
  2. D

    Where to order in Canada

    Hey all! New-ish to bonsai, was wondering if there’s any stores or online that will ship to Canada. I live in Alberta and my local nurseries just doesn’t have anything other than ficus. Mainly looking for shimpakus and Japanese pines.
  3. Bunjeh

    Free or reasonable,...

    Back on BNut after more than a year. Life and career changes forced me off of this site for awhile but not out of Bonsai. However, I am going to have to scale back if I remain in my current job or sell out completely if I end up moving overseas. I will start posting pics. Can't send so these...
  4. ColinFraser

    Sale at California Bonsai Studio 8/1/16

    Travis is having a one day sale at California Bonsai Studio on Monday, August 1st. Check out the details here: He'll be open from 10-7, and I'll be there all day helping out too; come by, say hi, and maybe pick up a bargain if you're in the area :) 4015 N Moorpark Rd...
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