1. swatchpost

    Jim Smith Willow Leaf Ficus - What to do?

    Hello All—this is my first post here, although I've been a bonsai enthusiast for a while and once belonged to the Austin Bonsai Society. I've got a great Jim Smith grown formal upright willow leaf ficus that was the first tree I ever bought in 2006. While Life took its share of beautiful...
  2. Ryan H

    New Salicaria

    Hey bn, New salicaria, can't decide what to do with it. Thought about just trying to spread and drop the canopy and clean the trunk except for maybe two of the back buds. Or could totally reshape it like the crude sketch shows. Other ideas?
  3. markyscott

    Shohin Willow Leaf Ficus

    I thought I'd share one of my Shohin ficus. It was defoliated about 6 weeks ago - I plan on using it as part of my display for the fall show. Scott
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