san jose juniper

  1. Gaea's listener

    San Jose Juniper in a dragon pot

    I found this cool San Jose juniper last year at a local nursery and immediately saw a dragon within the tree. It is a tricky tree to style, but I made a deadwood feature where it was splitting into 2 directions and I kinda like it. We'll see where the tree will go in its development, as I don't...
  2. H

    Urban yamadori: San Jose topiary, i think.

    I obtained two 3-tier topiary, 5-feet tall, this morning from a home in Poway, CA. They had already been pulled out of the ground and had plenty of roots surrounded by wet soil. The owner had apparently pulled them out two days ago. I hope they survive. I believe they are San Jose junipers...
  3. aframe

    San Jose Juniper; Cascade

    Repotted February 2015 as a cascade. Suffered a long intense summer, now starting to show vigor and health.
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