san jose

  1. RJG2

    Box store San Jose Juniper

    My first juniper. Should be good practice. Giving it it's own thread because I'm proud of it for living through a late summer full bare root last year. At this point I had only done a bit of clean up and practiced a couple of my first jins.
  2. bonsaianak

    San Jose Juniper Topiary to Bonsai

    Recently styled this san jose that i got from a garden nursery. I’m happy with how it turned out since it was basically a bush when i got it but I was hoping to get a few opinions on some issues that i have with it. 1) Height: I feel like the trunk line is too long and would be better if the...
  3. Saddler

    My First Hardware Store Bonsai Attempt. San Jose juniper (I think)

    I bought this sometime around December 2010. I wired it up in the windswept style, looking back it has so many lols. I was so proud of it at the time. Here it is a year ago tomorrow. I can't seem to find any pics between the five years in between these pics. It under went numerous changes...
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