1. RhyleeRebecca

    Juniper has bits of sap on trunk

    Hello all! My juniper has developed tiny drops (maybe 0.5cm at largest) of sap on its trunk - I’m fairly new to bonsai, this tree is kept outdoors full time, 6+ hours of sun per day, have been watering normally, has been fertilized normally, minimal pruning of mature foliage I haven’t really...
  2. Apex37

    Newer to Pine and Just Wanted to Check

    I just wanted to make sure this wasn't a fungal or pest problem and just sap. I'm still fairly new to pines so wanna be sure.
  3. WesternGrower

    Blue Spruce Needle Sap

    Does anyone know why a blue spruce would be producing visible sap on its needles/is this normal? Google seems to fail me here. Picture of several sappy needles A ball of sap, there are several of these spread about.
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