1. jbhampton31

    Azaleas John Geanangle Method?

    Has anyone had any success using the John Geanangle method of hard cut backs to branches and roots on satsuki azaleas? I got 4 1 gal Gumpos at my local nursery and want to give it a shot. When is the best time to start them. What size pot or grow bag would you put them in after cutting the roots...
  2. G

    Satsuki azalea, health issue?

    Hello everyone, This is my first summer with this Yata no Kagami Satsuki Azalea and I am somewhat concerned about it's health. What do you think could be the cause of the spots on the underside of the leaves? Fungal issues? Too much water? I've been root watering it every other day, and...
  3. K

    Different types of sphagnum moss

    Hi all. I'm just preparing all of the things I need to start repotting my Satsuki's soon, and I was wondering if anyone has any insight into the difference between the different types of sphagnum moss. Do Satsuki's prefer New Zealand Sphagnum Moss? In England, I can buy Welsh Sphagnum Moss for a...
  4. K

    Yet another Satsuki into the collection!

    Hello all! I just wanted to show off another Satsuki I've just added to the collection. This one is 'Senbazuru', and according to the seller it has one of the longest flowering periods. It looks very healthy, and I can't wait to see that new growth and flowers being pushed out in a few months...
  5. F

    Any Hope for my Satsuki Bonsai?

    I received this azalea bonsai through the mail as a gift during a 100+ heatwave. Since it is an outdoor plant I did not bring it inside to my air conditioned home. Was this a mistake? The first time I went to check on it, all the beautiful green leaves were sticking straight up. Never seen...
  6. K

    Update on Satsuki Cuttings

    Hi all. I recently posted a thread asking some questions about Satsuki cuttings, in which I received a ton of helpful advice from experienced growers. Yesterday and today, I have been separating the cuttings from their pots and giving them their own pots, making sure not to disturb the root...
  7. K

    Questions about Satsuki cuttings

    Hi all, I've got a few questions about cuttings from Satsuki Azaleas. This is my 2nd year of developing bonsai, and Satsuki's have definitely grown to be my favourite. I've took cuttings from every pruning I've done, and I've got a few questions about said cuttings. Below are a few photos of...
  8. Deep Sea Diver

    New Book - Satsuki Azalea Bonsai by Rick Garcia

    Rick Garcia’s long awaited book, “Satsuki Azalea Bonsai” is open for pre orders today at Suiko Press ! Rick has been studying satsuki for many years. He is a Satsuki instructor certified by Mr Tatamori Gondo at the El Dorado Bonsai School in the 1990’s. Then went on to study with the...
  9. Rivian

    Just my short notes on interesting azaleas (with pictures)

    When I find some azaleas, mostly satsuki cultivars, that I think I might want to add to my collection, I will post notes on them here. Probably usually a picture I found on the internet and what I like about it or some of the info given with the images. As a beginner, who does not speak...
  10. mwar15

    Telaparion Banri No Kagayaki azalea

    I picked this up a couple weeks ago. There were a few I saw last year when I was up there. This was one that was knocking on deaths door but hasn’t entered. I think these are imported ones from Eldorado when Telaparion bought them out when they closed. they have been untouched in a few years. I...
  11. Deep Sea Diver

    Biochar - time to test or give it a rest? Trials

    For the past four years I’ve been sporadically researching Biochar as a beneficial media amendment and searching for a product that would be usual le as a bonsai media amendment. There are a plethora of scientific studies researching the effectiveness of Biochar as a soil amendment. At the...
  12. AnutterBonsai

    Satsuki from Whip Development

    Good afternoon everyone! I recently received my order of 3 satsuki azaleas from Wayne at Riverbend Gardens. I love their small foliage and wonderful flowers. The cultivars I will developing into, hopefully, one day to become bonsai, are: Kimi Maru, chitose nishiki & ai no tsuki. I recently came...
  13. Rivian

    First satsuki, advice wanted

    I bought this 7 y.o. satsuki a week ago, its in pure kanuma right now I believe. I would like it to grow larger, is it advisable to put the rootball into a bigger pot and fill in the difference with vermiculite/bark/perlite mix right now? If you look at the close-up, you can see many dead aerial...
  14. M

    New Sakuragata Satsuki, Need Some Help

    Hello friends, Today (May 20) I purchased a Sakuragata Satsuki azalea from Schley’s Bonsai nursery and I need help transforming it into something beautiful. I’m new to azalea bonsai. To begin, when is the best time to drastic prune this piece? Can I begin now (May)? Will duct seal work as...
  15. M

    Where to buy Satsuki?

    Hello friends, I have recently gained interest in having an azalea bonsai but I am stuck as to where I can find mature and thick trees to make one out of - particularly satsuki. I cannot find a single large, mature satsuki online that’s not already a bonsai and isn’t small. Does anyone know...
  16. M

    Azalea from Shrub, a Keeper?

    Hello friends, I have been looking around for yamadori bonsai material for months without much luck because most of the land surrounding me is privately owned. I finally decided I would just cut a chunk off of my azalea hedge in my front yard that I thought had great roots and a workable...
  17. HamburgerTrain "Tutorial"-Translated to English Thought this may come in handy for some folks. Now I'm going to go read it!!!
  18. 20201013_144506.jpg


    Azalea Satsuki
  19. M

    Satsuki Azalea Dormancy

    I am a novice and just got through my first spring/summer with my young Satsuki azalea. It almost doubled in size, and it seems to have been a pretty successful growing season in terms of letting it get established in the pot. The tree has been outside on my patio for the whole season, so it got...
  20. M


    I am new to growing satsuki bonsai, id appreciate knowledge and teaching but please no disrespecting in the thread. I got satsuki starters and got excited and bought a medium sized satsuki to and grow. I repotted the medium satsuki and the next two days it started wilting and the leaves...
  21. B

    Satsuki Azalea brown tips/residue?

    Hey guys this is my first post! I just got into bonsai recently and got a few trees, one of which was a satsuki azalea (aoinohikari if I’m not mistaken) I just brought it back the other day and I’m noticing a few leaves yellowing/browning and I may be overreacting but I figured I’d ask instead...
  22. BugsBonsai

    HELP! Satsuki Azalea Dying

    In the past 3 weeks, my Shin-Nikko has deteriorated rapidly! The first 3 pictures are current, the last picture (with the flowers) is from roughly a month ago. I’m not sure what exactly is happening with it. It’s potted in kanuma, the root ball seems healthy (I checked last week), and theres no...
  23. Deep Sea Diver

    Evergreen Azalea Basics, including Satsuki Version 1.01

    Greetings Evergreen Azalea lovers! This article provides a solid background on Evergreen Azaleas, including Satsuki azaleas. The content is from, and credited to, the Italian Satsuki Bonsai Website and is named "Satsuki Tutorial". This is not a tutorial per se, but an article that provides a...
  24. DamianTrimboli

    Satsuki Azalea - what is happening?

    My satsuki azalea is killing branches.. this has been happing for about 3 months.. I thought it was because one day if was not watered, but now, branches that were well 1 month ago are dying now, I already lost 3 branches.. what do you think is happening?
  25. ChildishGrahambino

    Satsuki Azalea Turning Brown in Winter...Not Sure What to Do

    Hi! I'm new to bonsai care. I live in Ohio and I'm not sure whether my plant is suffering due to winter dormancy, overwatering, underwatering, or what. I will post pictures, but most leaves are brown. Up until a few weeks ago, I would constantly see new dead leaves that have fallen to the...
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