1. Unearthed

    Advice on very old Azalea bush

    Hi All, I have this Azalea bush in my yard that I believe has a lot of potential to be a very unique, old bonsai with a few years of rehab. I live in 5b, but this bush is planted right next to the house in a brick built-in garden box... been here long before I bought the house. I think due to...
  2. Y

    Juniper is starting to dry out and brown.

    Is this too late to save?? I may have gone like a day too long or two without water? I have it in a shady spot in my backyard now and I’ve been misting the area for humidity and watered it this morning.
  3. Jupiter

    Japanese Maple help!!

    Hey just looking for some insight on this JM. Not sure if root rot or possibly some issue that happened during winterizing. Any help is always greatly appreciated. Roots are dark but not mushy. New growth came in strong but is really wilted. Everything is just drooping downwards. No...
  4. J

    Saving a maple

    Hello everyone, this tree might be a little difficult but i wanted to save it since it was going to a bin. Someone i know renovated their place and kept this maple as small hedge. I found it and asked to have it. Do you think there is any chance for it to become somewhat of a bonsai. Advices?
  5. J

    Xanthoxylum piperitum dying from cold

    Hello everyone, my name is Jules, I am new to this forum and to the world of bonsai. I have had a fake pepper plant since September, bought in a garden center. He was doing well so far, but I had to bring him to the countryside, or I stupidly left him outside for 5 days with temperatures far too...
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