1. Rivian

    Do all Chinese Elm varieties get scale?

    My normal Chinese Elms get scale on a regular basis, even the cuttings from last year already get them, but I havent seen any on Seijuu. As for Jacqueline Hillier (regardless of if its a parvifolia), I cant say because theyre still young. Didnt have any scale yet I think but I heard of one that...
  2. LeftHandLuke

    Sapsucker or Sapsucker Killer?

    This morning while working on a chokeberry that I’ve been training for about a year I noticed the unmistakable signs of [duh-duh-duuuuuuh!!] honeydew on one of the leaves. So I look immediately above that spot and there’s one of those little whitish critters trying to look inconspicuous. Oh no...
  3. HENDO

    Chinese Elm Red Scale ID and Treatment

    Hi All, I recently noticed what looks like a red scale on my Chinese Elms. Here are some pictures from the largest Elm which appears to be the most affected. It runs off quite easily and is powdery, but there is a lot of it on the trunk and primary branches. This particular tree gets 4+ hours...
  4. Vinnie Charity

    Fukien Tea snd scale insects...

    Well, my little Fukien tea has been attacked by scale, little bastards. I started plucking them off, then decided to just wrap the pot with Saran Wrap (6” pot) and dunked the tree, head first, into a bucket of water and neem oil in an effort to kill them. Now, some of the leaves have turned...
  5. Clicio

    Zombie scales

    One of my trees had a bad case of scale infestation this season. I have treated it with insecticide in the summer and with Neem Oil in the autumn. The tree is healthy now, lots of new buds, but the branches are still full of them, dead I suppose; when scratching they fall and look dry, but are...
  6. Timbo

    Oak scale

    Anyone else in Michigan getting scale everywhere? They are all over oak trees and seem to be getting on my other tree branches. Going to be brushing my trees soon I guess. :(
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