1. glass_shark

    Schefflera help!

    I've had this guy for a couple of months. Schefflera are ones I've struggled a bit with, over watering mainly, but the two I keep inside are doing better now. This one has been outside, I've tried shade, sun, it's not seeming to want to cooperate lately. I defoliated it and cut back some of the...
  2. Perrywinkle

    Schefflera Trunk Ramification

    Hello everyone. I've been milling around bonsai groups on FB in my free time and came accross a Schefflera for sale that has a very decent trunk. I was not planning on spending anymore money on bonsai (near impossible, I know), but I haven't really seen any other Schefflera with this kind of...
  3. B

    Schefflera rescue

    So I came across this schefflera at a home depot that was neglected and covered in pigeon crap. I know it sounds weird but I kinda felt bad for the thing so bought it. I took it home and cleaned up the base a bit so I could see what there was to work with a little better. It's pretty gnarly...
  4. O

    Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out

    Good evening ladies and gents, A few months ago I bought a couple junipers, a ficus ("ginseng" I know I know..) and a schefflera. All of course before I knew what to look for, or anything at all for that matter. Well the junipers I hacked up and they seem to be doing fine outside, to my...
  5. MrDeeds

    I call this schefflera "Monster"

    This is my schefflera "Monster". It is a project in the making that started in May 2014. This is May '14 right after I finished construction. Inspired from David Fukumoto's (Fuku-Bonsai)son's creation "Tad's Ripple". It's inner frame was built with heavy copper wire as a frame structure. 5...
  6. philart

    Indoor Bonsai

    Have any or you read Brooklyn Botanic Garden's book "Indoor Bonsai", published 2002? I'm curious the thoughts of the membership here and experiences of people growing indoors, especially those growing year round. I read the book about a year ago via my local library, then recently picked up...
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