1. R

    what tree species for winter wiring

    what tree species do you sure in winter. i read junipers are often wired in japan over winter. what are your experiences? its early winter here with temps 40-low 60s. (11b)
  2. proninyaroslav

    What is the best season to chop the Elm trunk?

    This small-leaved Elm has an interesting history, the main part of the trunk died after air layering (I wanted to improve the nebari) and I had to grow the trunk continuation for several years. Now it has almost reached the thickness that I would like (diameter about 2.5-3 cm), but in the spring...
  3. LeftHandLuke

    It's still July, after all...

    Anyone in the northern hemisphere recently face a decision of any sort (based around the growing season) as to whether you might take a risk to achieve some desired result? I mean, it's still July, right? Nip that branch back and it'll still sprout some new options before end of season! Or...
  4. K

    Pruning new nursery stock

    Hello all, I just bought some new nursery stock the other night. Came home with a Blue Star Juniper, Sabina Juniper and a Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. I'll be reading up on these species and figuring out their proper care, but one thing i would like to do is thin them out a bit just so i can get a...
  5. Gsquared

    When to repot in Southern Washington/Northern Oregon?

    I am a recent transplant to the Portland area, and this being my first "real" winter since starting bonsai 20-something years ago. I had lived in San Francisco (where winter often came in July and August) and San Diego (where we never had winter at all), so repotting season started in late Jan...
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