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  1. C

    Pinus Parviflora early germination

    Hello all, I collected some seeds from a Japanese white pine (glauca) this fall (about 2 months ago now). I followed some recommendations that the seeds should first be scarified, then soaked, then placed in vermiculite for around 60 days in room temp, followed by 90 days cold strat. Well, this...
  2. Baku1875

    Bucida spinosa 2 semi cascade boogaloo

    Another bucida! This one was a bit stagnant and after learning about soil composition, I decided to get it out of the fine akadama/cocopeat and get it in a training pot with pumice to give it more aeration and vigor this summer. Some potential opportunities here, semi cascade is going to be the...
  3. P

    First time seed sewer- JBP advice?

    Does anyone have any advice for seed starting JBP and Scot's Pine? I've been cutting my teeth with nursery stock and with the nature of this addiction I either need to deepen my pockets or grow my own. I've got 10 acres of forested mountain terrain to grow on with just about any water condition...
  4. palafr01

    They come in all shapes and sizes. The Bonsai Nut seedling thread.

    Hey everyone since so many of us grow trees from seed here I thought it would cool idea if we had a thread where everyone could share their seedlings. Given the random nature of seed growing, every so often truly weird or unique individuals show up that are extra special so if you if have any...
  5. BarkLeafTrees

    Silver Birch from Seed Progression

    Opening this thread up to keep track of the progress this silver birch makes. April 6th 2019 seeds beginning to sprout January 2020 April 2020 nebari beginning to take shape on one of the strongest seedlings August 2020 before and after sacrific branch chop December 2020 after two more...
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