1. cornfed

    The Woody Plant Seed Manual 2008

    Very specific information on how to germinate the seeds of various species.
  2. C

    Japanese Black Pine Seeds

    I'm not super picky about the cultivar (or parent cultivar, rather), but am looking for some Japanese black pine seeds. Ideally I would just buy a pinecone, but am open to loose seeds too.
  3. JuniperSol

    Brazilian Rain Trees - Growing Seeds

    I recently ordered some Brazilian rain trees (10 seeds) and wanted some advice on a couple of things. I mainly ask because I have had a hard time finding information (the seller sends info but I would like to get info ahead of time to prepare). 1) Soil. I have read a mix of things, such as using...
  4. Clicio

    A tale of a pack of Caribbean Tamarind seeds and why this site rocks.

    This story starts when the 6 years JBP contest was launched. I couldn't get any seeds from here, complained like a child, and so I got a very kind offer from @Anthony . He would send me a pack of pine seeds from Trinidad. Being absolutely shameless, I asked for some Tamarindus Indica seeds also...
  5. armetisius


    Hopefully these will help others for next year: Seeds of Woody Plants in the United States click link then scroll down; beside the pdf listing, right click and "save link as" to download the pdf format of the book. The Woody Plant...
  6. Clicio

    Please show me a Jacaranda or a Delonix (Royal Poinciana) bonsai that has not been photoshopped?

    I keep wondering WHY those vendors are pushing both species as bonsai kits. Yes, the seeds are easy to sprout in warm weather. No, they will not flower so easily in pots. Googling "Jacaranda Mimosifolia bonsai" we find many pictures of wisteria bonsai labeled as Jacaranda; they are not the same...
  7. M

    Tips for winter growth?

    Hi everyone! Writing from England, I’m starting my first seed growth this week, giving them a fake winter for two months and hopefully have some shoots in July. I am just looking for some tips and support for helping young seedlings through the coming winter, how to best care for them and grow...
  8. rollwithak

    Seed Starting: Success Stories, Problems, Ect.

    Hi All, I tried to look for a similar thread and couldn’t find! I have started my indoor seed starter operation and am just looking to have a place where we can share tips/tricks, what’s worked for people and what hasn’t. Perhaps find some common issues that are easily avoided. I have been...
  9. ConorDash

    Repotting seedlings

    Hello, I have 5 Wisteria seedlings, coming up to 2 years old now, they have just started showing signs of growth this year (always little anxious to see that first growth, my first seeds). They are currently planted in good size containers but garden soil, heavy organic nursery soil. I...
  10. N

    Serissa Seeds, where to get hem from ?

    Hi, I am looking for a source to get Serissa foetida seeds from, does anyone know ? Ty
  11. ConorDash

    Next steps for Wisteria seedlings

    Hello, These are some seeds I’ve grown this season. I actually grew a good few last year and they grew well till about this stage then all died. I did nothing.. then this year started and 4 have grown to this! From.. what I thought was dead. Quite amazed but I’d really love to keep them alive...
  12. K

    First time planting seeds, some pics and questions inside

    So I ordered some seeds online and a mini green house to put in front of my window. Very curious to see if they will germinate, especially since only 8/60 seeds that I planted sunk to the bottom in their 24 hour soaking period. Maybe they didnt sunk because they were poor quality? Not sure how...
  13. ohiogrown

    Seeds, Lighting and Heat Mats.

    Hello, I bought about 30 different kinds of seeds that I plan to start this spring. I’m trying to plan for it and so far I have seed trays and jiffy seed starting mix. My next expenses are going to be some sort of lighting and heat mats. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is that what I...
  14. milehigh_7

    Article Dr. Norman Deno: 2nd Supplement to Seed Germination Theory and Practice 2018-01-02

    The Second Edition of Seed Germination Theory and Practice and the First and Second Supplements provide data on the germination of about five thousand species. These data provide a basis for either exactly knowing the germination pattern or for making a reasonable prediction of the germination...
  15. milehigh_7

    Article Dr. Norman Deno: 1st Supplement to Seed Germination Theory and Practice 2018-01-01

    I INTRODUCTION This is the First Supplement to the Second Edition of Seed Germination Theory and Practice. Contained herein are data on 40 new families, 518 new genera, 1117 new species, and updates of earlier work on 282 species. In general, the principles and germination patterns presented in...
  16. milehigh_7

    Article Seed Germination Theory and Practice -- Dr. Norman Deno 2nd Edition

    Dr. Norman Deno's book lists over 2500+ species and gives pretreatments if any to assist in the removal of delay mechanisms. EVERY SPECIES OF PLANT HAS ONE OR MORE MECHANISMS FOR DELAYING GERMINATION. UNTIL THE SEED IS DISPERSED (Chapters 5-12). This principle pervades every aspect of seed...
  17. Robert Vaida

    Japanese Black Pine seeds stratification

    Hello everyone I bought last week some Pinus Thunbergii (Japanese black pine) seeds. On the instructions says that I have to do a cold stratification of 2 months and plant them in spring. I assume it is a little bit too early to begin with the stratification now.... so what should I do with the...
  18. parhamr

    parhamr contest entry thread

    Please keep posts in this thread to a minimum so it’s concise and clear. Purchase 1: “2,000 Pinus Thunbergii Seeds (Pinus Thunbergiana, Japanese Black Pine Seeds) 2000 Pinus Thunbergii B28 SAC” from (2017-11-03) I’ve never purchased from this vendor before...
  19. A

    how much can seeds of one species vary? help needed...

    Hi everyone, I just joined bonsai nut because I need your experienced help. I bought pinus parviflora and prunus serrulata seeds, among others, over the last couple months. I bought several bags from different suppliers and I'm very confused, because they vary greatly in size and shape. So much...
  20. Christa

    starting from seed

    Hi! I am as new to bonsai as can possibly be and I don't have much gardening experience either. I always wanted to grow bonsai's though, so it is time. Me and my cousin got this package deal with 16 different kind of trees and about 90 seeds. So any tips on where to start? I suppose it...
  21. Cerauno

    Whitebark Pine — Propagating from Cones

    Hello! Let me start off by saying that I've set out on a very ambitious project; propagate at least one whitebark pine sapling from harvested pine cones. • Why I Want Whitebark Pine: - I moved to Montana several years ago and was struck by how beautiful this endangered (and naturally rare)...
  22. barrosinc

    seedling cuttings method for cedrus, picea and larix??

    Do you apply the same black pine seedlings cuttings method for Cedrus atlantica Larix decidua Picea Jezo and oriental? These are species I have not been able to find down here and decided to go the seed route.
  23. JoeR

    Cold Stratification of Seeds.... Fridge or Outside?

    As many of my threads have indicated, I am starting tons of Seeds this winter. Hopefully as you know, all seeds can benefit from cold stratification. Not necessary for some but germination rates do increase. So I have been reading M. Dirr's propagation manual (absolute MUST have for your book...
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