1. swamp_lantern

    How to start pomegranate from seed?

    Hey everybody! My grandmother had a pomegranate tree (unsure of what cultivar) that dropped a lot of fruit this season. She suddenly passed a week ago and I decided to collect a pomegranate that had dropped 3 months ago so that I could make some bonsais to remember her. Last night I processed...
  2. Mr.Dr.K

    Germinating Japanese Cherry Blossom

    My girlfriend saw some photos of Japanese Cherry Blossoms' and she decided to purchase some seeds for me to sow, as she knows that I'm newly-fascinated with Bonsai. To Combat Mold, I soaked half the seeds in a bleach/water solution and the other half in a Hydrogen Peroxide solution for 10...
  3. A

    Stratifying & Germinating Maple Seeds indoors.

    I have just collected some Jap. M seedlings and would like to germinate them as quickly as possible, but the success rate is the highest priority. Online, people say stratification can take 14 -120 days. Some say to boil and others say to not. My state gets warm around late March. My current...
  4. cornfed

    The Woody Plant Seed Manual 2008

    Very specific information on how to germinate the seeds of various species.
  5. JuniperSol

    Brazilian Rain Trees - Growing Seeds

    I recently ordered some Brazilian rain trees (10 seeds) and wanted some advice on a couple of things. I mainly ask because I have had a hard time finding information (the seller sends info but I would like to get info ahead of time to prepare). 1) Soil. I have read a mix of things, such as using...
  6. rollwithak

    Seed Starting: Success Stories, Problems, Ect.

    Hi All, I tried to look for a similar thread and couldn’t find! I have started my indoor seed starter operation and am just looking to have a place where we can share tips/tricks, what’s worked for people and what hasn’t. Perhaps find some common issues that are easily avoided. I have been...
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