seiju elm

  1. Maloghurst

    Seiju elm no.1

    This is a little seiju elm. It’s 11” tall at the tallest branch. Trunk is 5.5” tall. Bought in April 2019 from a nursery as a shrub. Thought about hedging this because of the growth habit but decided I did not want a chia pet on my bench. Potentially be a shohin but I’m less concerned about size...
  2. shakotan710

    Small Seiju

    This is my Seiju, I've had it for about two years and I made the first cuts on it this past winter. It was purchased from the Muranaka nursery in Nipomo, CA. It was propagated from a root cutting about 5 years prior to my ownership. 2017-right after purchase Winter 2017 Bark Detail After...
  3. Orion_metalhead

    Ulmus Parvifola "Seiju" (Seiju Elm) #1

    Gifted to me. Nice potential. No real plans at moment.. maybe going to develop as a flat topped acacia styled tree with some flat pads. Will see. Age: About 10yrs? Training: Previous owner Width: .81" Height: 21" Pot sucks. Needs a new pot.
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