1. S

    Beginner's seiju elm

    Hello! I have a seiju elm that I bought from a nursery late last fall (#3 pot). The bark looked rubbed smooth on the first couple of inches of the trunk (it looks slightly more rough already). Even with its reverse taper, I just love this little tree. During the winter, I brought it into the...
  2. shakotan710

    Small Seiju

    This is my Seiju, I've had it for about two years and I made the first cuts on it this past winter. It was purchased from the Muranaka nursery in Nipomo, CA. It was propagated from a root cutting about 5 years prior to my ownership. 2017-right after purchase Winter 2017 Bark Detail After...
  3. headive24

    Help! is this scale or something else

    So ever since i got this elm as a gift from a very reputable bonsai nursery near sacramento, it has had these little black dots. I alway thought of these as places where buds either had emerged or were going to emerge. But now it is having problems where the leaves on the ends of the shoots...
  4. Small Cork Bark elm

    Small Cork Bark elm

    Won in a raffle ($1.00) as a tall skinny whip in 1991. Air layered top 2/3rds off in 1998. Mostly in the ground until 2003. Now 13 inches tall, I am working on thickening a back branch and working on the lower right mass of stuff.
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