sell bonsai trees

  1. Billskarsgard

    28 Year Old Fukien Tea Bonsai

    She's healthy, stands about 2 feet tall, and I'm looking to sell to a Floridian. I'm asking $450, but can negotiate if I needn't drive too far. I live in Orlando.
  2. M

    Some trees to sale

    Some trees to sell in Europe. More via link- there are some short movies with those trees. Carpinus Betulus, Elm, Hawthorn and some more.!15DbppktWiTA/bonsai-trees-to-sell-zip If interested - PM me. Martin
  3. Bunjeh

    Free or reasonable,...

    Back on BNut after more than a year. Life and career changes forced me off of this site for awhile but not out of Bonsai. However, I am going to have to scale back if I remain in my current job or sell out completely if I end up moving overseas. I will start posting pics. Can't send so these...
  4. Sir Jonesalot

    New Bonsai Auction Site

    Hello, I'm in the process of building an online auction site for bonsai enthusiasts to buy and sell trees and accessories without the huge fees of the big multi-category sites. It's got some great features for the buyer and the seller. 1) Anti-snipe bidding 2) A subscribe button for each...
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